Social Media Marketing Strategies

Presented by Barbara Rowen on 05/15/2017 2:00pm

Kerry Carron and Barbara Rowen walk through the primary social media networks.

Highlights of the video share how to leverage your social network dataand where to find the analytical information for each network. You'll also discover what type of content markets best within each social network.

NOTE: At 9:40 in the video, there is no sound. The video continues and sound picks up again at 10:50. Our apologies.

The video concludes with an exercise that will take you through a process that reveals who you are currently marketing to - be it your intention or not.


Presenter Bio: Barbara Rowen

Barbara Rowen is a freelancer that simply knows too much to be just a creative and is known to her tech friends as a wanna-geek.

She owns Virtually Everything - she is a web designer, graphic designer, content writer… virtually everything a small business needs to get out on the web.

Barbara’s passion to learn more than she needs to know, lead her to be a leader in self-marketing and new technologies allowed her to share her expertise with clients.