How You Can Benefit From SEO Quake and Quix

Presented by Mike Clay on 03/19/2018 2:00pm

In today's webinar, Mike audits a page from one of his clients' sites. We go through the entire process using SEO Quake, Quix and SEO Centro to determine what kinds of changes may need to be made to better optimize this particular landing page.

Mike takes us through each of the tools and shows us some of the things that he looks for as indicators of the areas he can improve.

Mike delivers us an "insider" peek, too. As an added benefit for the OwnWP members, he will be including a completed version of the outline he performs and a copy of the finished article so that we can compare the before and after optimization application.

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Presenter Bio: Mike Clay

Mike Clay is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Mike founded Clay Digital Consulting - an Atlanta based firm of Marketing Consultants, in 2013.

His team is highly trained in Digital Marketing and Branding. With skills ranging from graphics design to Neuro-Marketing, they push the limits to the cutting edge and work to be the innovators in the Digital Marketing industry.


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