Integrate SEO PowerSuite Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Presented by Mike Clay on 07/16/2018 2:00pm

In Digital Marketing, we need data to know WHAT to do next. Not only do we need DATA it has to be actionable. We need to ensure we discover as many issues within a website as possible and use the easiest, most useful tools available like SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite Digital Marketing StrategyIn this webinar, we are looking at the "SEO PowerSuite"... the data it gives, and how it can give you a step by step workflow to do advanced SEO.

SEO PowerSuite includes the 4 tools you need to cover all the steps of any SEO campaign. From keyword research to rank tracking and from on-site optimization to link-building.

Each of the tools within the suite has a specific focus.

  1. Rank Tracker – Automatic rank tracking, monitoring & keyword research
  2. WebSite Auditor – Full website auditing & on-page content optimization tool,
  3. SEO SpyGlass –In-depth backlink research & an anti-penalty link audit auditing tool,
  4. LinkAssistant – Effective link outreach, link building & link management tool

The SEO PowerSuite Digital Marketing System

The tools that make up the PowerSuite are each powerful as independent tools, however, when you combine them and use them together, you can build yourself an entire SEO system to use on your sites and sell as services to your clients. You'll be able to...

  • find the keywords that will find your clients
  • track your rankings & peek at your competitors
  • crawl every corner of our site & do a full-scale audit
  • learn how to optimize our content for higher rankings
  • run an in-depth backlink audit
  • understand how to build quality links
  • discover how to create great looking, responsive, and white-labeled SEO reports that you can upload, share, and customize... and more!

We'll review the step by step process, a practically "done for you" process and use case that you can implement immediately – saving time and making more money for your freelance business.

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Digital Marketing professionals often find that presenting digital marketing data and digital marketing strategies to clients are some of the most challenging reports to deliver. Most are difficult for clients to read and follow, much less understand.

With the digital marketing software found in the SEO PowerSuite, you can automate digital marketing routines, cut boring digital marketing workload and streamline your digital marketing efforts.

Using the SEO PowerSuite – Step by Step

SEO PowerSuite – Website AuditorStep 1: Conduct a Website Audit

Performing website audits before taking on new clients is a great way to begin the SEO process.

By digging into data and uncovering quick fix digital marketing tasks can be exhilarating because it helps your (or your client’s) website, but it helps grow businesses.

Conducting a site audit with the SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor simplifies collecting the data and reveals everything you’ll need to know to optimize or fix your websites. The Website Auditor is a top-level on-page SEO and digital marketing tool that handles all possible aspects of on-site optimization.

  • Catch everything: An SEO spider audits the entire website deeper than WordPress plugins like Broken Link Checker and even a Google Bot. The SEO spider crawls through everything including the HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, etc.
  • Create detailed reports: Issues can be turned into a checklist style report with a single click. each issue becomes a task. Completed tasks eliminate issues. Clear green checkmarks visual identify all of your accomplishments. Show progress and improvements to your clients over time by scheduling reports to automatically distribute.
  • Instructional Tool Tips: When you’re not sure how to fix an issue, the Website Auditor provides step-by-step documentation on what to do. You don’t have to go searching for answers or explanations, it’s built in.
  • Optimize content: Customize your meta title and meta description within the Website Auditor app.

An easy to use, fast, website auditor is a necessity for freelance digital marketing providers. And,  SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor delivers.

SEO PowerSuite – Rank TrackerStep 2: Configure Tracking and Reports

Reliable reporting is key to executing SEO that will yield results. And, keyword tracking is one of the most influential reporting metrics at your disposal.

Once you understand your client’s competitors and their customers, you can develop personalization strategies to help grow their businesses.

Even if you are using other tools for your keyword research, SEO PowerSuite offers a powerful Rank Tracker as a keyword monitoring tool.

Here are some of the Rank Tracker features.

  • Unlimited tracking: No per client limitations. Rank Tracker gives you an unlimited number of keywords to track.
  • Unlimited geolocation: You can as deep as you need to for your client. Select by country, state, city, or address. Rank Tracker allows you to track national and local keyword positions.
  • Keyword analysis: Calculates keyword difficulty. No more guessing. You’ll know exactly which keyword to use. Rank Tracker prioritizes and chooses the best keywords for targeting.
  • Reporting: Automate keyword reports. Track competitors. Choose when to send reports to your client – the same time, every month, week, or day.

Full-service SEO services require clients to understand what their rank means and it’s relevance to other digital marketing metrics. Reports provide clients with a visual view, or picture, of their top keywords that attract traffic and provide suggestions regarding ways to track competitors.

Having all of the keyword data in a single report provides clients with their “big-picture”. They’ll “see” the extent of the work that has been done as well as understand what needs to happen next.

SEO PowerSuite – SEO SpyGlassStep 3: Spy on Your Competitors

Backlinks are very important for every type of website. Using SEO PowerSuite SEO SpyGlass lets you see the backlinks of all of your competitors. It also alerts you to the backlinks on your own site that may be a risk and could potentially result in a Google penalty.

  • User Dashboard: The summary dashboard displays everything you need in an easy to read, easy to use, and familiar format.
  • Manage Links: Removing and fixing bad links or links that are flagging an error are two of the easiest way to improve your SEO relevance and prevent your site from a Google penalty.
  • Compare Links: Compare 5 competitor’s backlinks side-by-side.
  • Evaluate Links: 50 + link quality factors help you achieve what you need with your link building. Segment based on Alexa Rank, domain age, and other popular filters.
  • Reporting: Automate backlink reports to analyze anchor text, do-follow, no-follows, and more. Customize your reports with your company logo and branding.

SEO SpyGlass supercharges your backlink analysis.

SEO PowerSuite – Link AssistantStep 4: Building Your Links

For most digital marketing professionals, backlinks are rather important. Creating unique, high-caliber, and authentic content will naturally generate high-quality backlinks. It is key to a successful digital marketing campaign.

LinkAssistant provides focused link building prospect options from which you can search for the chance to find new link building opportunities.

Link Assistant offers these different prospects:

  • Guest Posting
  • Reviews
  • Commenting
  • Giveaways
  • Forums
  • Link Pages
  • Link Submission Forms
  • Directories

As a freelance Digital Marketing consultant, wanting to change up your backlink prospects to build up your backlink profile is inevitable.

A Link Assistant process to build up your backlinks.

  1. Define your goals: Do you want to increase guest posts, product reviews, or commenting. Your goals determine what types of prospects to focus on.
  2. Identify top prospects: Choose your prospects based on the quality of their online presence. Many experts believe sorting by domain authority, Alexa rank, and social shares is a great place to begin analyzing prospects.
  3. Build relationships: Reach out to new prospects. Create an email template within the Link Assistant. Email prospects directly from within Link Assistant.
  4. Track email status: Automatically track the status of your emails. Perform manual updates as needed.

SEO PowerSuiteThe Value of a Good Digital Marketing Tool

Digital Marketing can be overwhelming for freelancers. But, tracking, reporting, and analyzing your digital marketing activity is even more difficult. It might even be what has been holding you back from offering digital marketing services.

With SEO PowerSuite, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a transparent, unique, and systematized approach to digital marketing.

Each client, each website, each SEO campaign create their own challenges, but as long as you’re improving your process and tracking your activities, you’ll get better.

What parts of your SEO strategy could use an overhaul? What tools are your currently using? How are they helping you improve?

OwnWP says, “You’re not alone. Connect. Network. Thive!” In similar fashion, SEO PowerSuite can help you to accomplish digital marketing tasks you may never have been able to do on your own. It gives you the competence and capacity of an entire digital marketing team all bundled together in one, easy to use, tool.


SEO PowerSuite

Presenter Bio: Mike Clay

Mike Clay is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Mike founded Clay Digital Consulting - an Atlanta based firm of Marketing Consultants, in 2013. His team is highly trained in Digital Marketing and Branding. With skills ranging from graphics design to Neuro-Marketing, they push the limits to the cutting edge and work to be the innovators in the Digital Marketing industry.