Planning Your Digital Strategy

Presented by Mike Clay on 12/18/2017 2:00pm

Any time of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your business, determine what needs to change and start the process of planning your digital marketing!

In this presentation, Mike provides us with how to become better at asking the right questions, simplifying your planning process (for an entire year!), and ensuring your actions will produce your greatest return.

Digital Marketing Ring

Situation Analysis – Customers



Nielsen’s Original Research Shows return traffic is based on

  • Relevant Content
  • Easy Nav
  • Quick Download
  • Fresh Content



Situation Analysis – Competitors

SWOT Resources (Strengths, Weakness’, Opportunities, Threats)



  1. Mission & Vision
  2. KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators


The Strategy Checklist

  1. Does the strategy seize opportunities to help customers? (OVP)
  2. Do you clearly address “What Problem Am I Trying to Solve?”
  3. Does your strategy improve the customer experience?
  4. Does your strategy build relationships with customers and build fans?
  5. Does your strategy strengthen your brand(s)?
  6. Does it create competitive advantage?
  7. Does it move with market trends?
  8. Is social media part of the overall strategy?
  9. Do you have, or can you get, the resources required?
  10. Have you considered several strategic options before choosing this strategy?

Tactics & Actions

Digital Marketing Planning Tactics

Control – Tracking  & Adjusting

Start to track your business and see what is REALLY happening.

  • Analytics over time (
  • Spreadsheets
    • KPI trackers
    • Marketing trackers
    • Result tracking
  • Website Audits
    • Usability tests

Presenter Bio: Mike Clay

Mike Clay is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Mike founded Clay Digital Consulting - an Atlanta based firm of Marketing Consultants, in 2013. His team is highly trained in Digital Marketing and Branding. With skills ranging from graphics design to Neuro-Marketing, they push the limits to the cutting edge and work to be the innovators in the Digital Marketing industry.