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Network News is a weekly publication of freelance industry news about the WordPress platform and community, upcoming WordCamp events, known vulnerabilities, OwnWP community, OwnWP feature focus, OwnWP member giveaways, and an affiliate product of the week.

WordPress @ Work

WordPress 5.1The first release candidate for WordPress 5.1 is now available! “Release Candidate” means that the new version is ready but the core team wants people to try it to help ensure that nothing was missed.

There are two ways to test the WordPress 5.1 release candidate. You may add the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Once installed choose “bleeding edge nightlies”, or you can download the release candidate zip file and install it into a test environment.

WordPress 5.1 is scheduled to be released on Thursday, February 21. The focus for the WordPress 5.1 release includes

  • the reveal of the 2019 theme called "Tighten Up"
  • the first of new standard Site Health features
    • security and speed features like notices to administrators of sites that run long-outdated versions of PHP
    • check whether a plugin requires a version of PHP incompatible with your site (and prevent you from installing it is this is true)
  • solid performance improvements within the new editor
    • feel a little quicker to start
    • typing should feel smoother

As a reminder and in conjunction with any new release – if you are a plugin or theme developer, please test your plugins and themes against WordPress 5.1 and post to the support forums if you find any problems or incompatibility issues.

For those interested, there is also a new WordPress 5.1 Field Guild.

Get the WordPress 5.1 Field Guide

Editor Updates

The editor update this week leads us to that larger effort of porting all existing widgets to blocks and 3 new blocks that have been converted

  1. RSS block. Users can set the number of items displayed and also toggle on/off the author, date, and excerpt.

    RSS Block
    Attribution: WordPress
  2. Amazon Kindle block. Provides the instant preview from an Amazon Kindle URL and includes the Embed section of the accordion in the block inserter.

    Kindle Block
    Attribution: WordPress
  3. Cover Focal Point Picker. Allows the user to visually select the ideal center point.  The return can easily be converted into 'background-position' attributes and applied to the element with the background image – with more control over image cropping.

    Focal Point Picker Block
    Attribution: WordPress

WordPress Community News

Alex Mills

Alex Mills, who some of you may recognize as the author of Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, is fighting cancer and sadly, is not responding as well as he had hoped. More information directly from Alex may be found in his Pretty Bad News on the Cancer Front post.

Collins Agbonghama

Interesting quote from Collins Agbonghama as well as an interesting read about his WP journey.

No one is coming to save you. You are all alone. It’s up to you to change your fortune.

Do nothing, be nothing.

Upcoming WordCamps

From: WordCamp Central

WordCamp Phoenix, AZ –
PHOENIX, AZ, USA - February 15–17, 2019

WordCamp Pune –
PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA - February 16, 2019

WordCamp Bangkok –
BANGKOK, THAILAND - February 16–17, 2019

WordCamp Jakarta  – JAKARTA, INDONESIA - February 16, 2019

WordCamp Prague –
PRAGUE,CZECH REBUBLIC - February 23, 2019

WordCamp Dayton, OH, USA – DAYTON, OH, USA March 1–2, 2019

WordCamp Cebu –

WordCamp Kolkata –

WordCamp Nordic –

WordCamp Kota Kinabalu –
KOTA KINABALU March 9, 2019

Known WordPress Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities without a Fix

There were no known vulnerabilities without a fix this week.

Vulnerability Fixes

  • NextGen Gallery - <= 3.1.5 - Authenticated PHP Object Injection: Update to version 3.1.6
    Beside the option to perform an attack via meta table in WP, the plugin was vulnerable towards direct unserialize of user input (in its client's libraries there are many serialize calls. So, with a low privileged user (the one who can manage/create albums) an attack was plausible.
  • Parallax Scroll - <= 2.0.1 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Update to version 2.1
    The plugin included _posttitle (aka Title field) in /includes/adamrob-parallax-shortcode.php that was not sanitized.
  • Forminator - <= 1.5.4 - Authenticated Multiple Vulnerabilities: Update to version 1.6
    The custom fields of a poll were not properly encoded when showing results of a poll, leading to persistent XSS.

OwnWP News

We had two webinars last week. The first was the Network News relating to information that is critical to your success and a Tools of the Trade webinar coving the use of the Content Samurai video creation tool.

If you missed either of these webinars, you’ll want to be sure to catch the replays. The Winning Tactics for Using Your Nudge Report Replay is available on the website or through our YouTube channel.

OWNWP YouTube Channel

Maybe you knew that we have a YouTube Channel but did you know that we have added new Playlists and a whole lot more public information? COme and check us out. Visit our URL: https://www.youtube.com/Ownwp

And if you haven’t already, we encourage you to subscribe. More and more information is scheduled and planned to be released through that channel.

It is a work in progress but there have been some recent updates. Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see here!

Affiliate Product of the Week

Last week we held a Tools of the Trade webinar featuring Content Samurai. It’s a video creating tool that we’ve been using for years.

This digital marketing tool is made by an established search engine optimization and digital marketing company called Noble Samurai.

We decided to keep this as our affiliate product another week because the post just came out and we wanted to ensure those that wanted to get the free trial had an opportunity to do so.

With this offer, you’ll get to create an unlimited number of traffic-pumping videos using the world’s fastest and most intelligent video creation system for a full 7 days, completely FREE. The application is fully functional during the trial and you get to keep all the videos you create.

You can also expect to receive a number of free video marketing resources during your trial – still free and for you to keep and be able to refer back to at any time. Plus there is plenty of access to any tutorials you might need  – not to mention the OwnWP video slack channel for personal use and experience type conversation. You’ll receive a ton of value even if you decide that the Content Samurai video marketing tool is not right for you.

Learn More and Check out the Details of this Offer

Additionally, if you want help making or just want some videos created for you, we have people in the Slack channel that can assist you – just ask!

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