Moving Beyond Simply Surviving

Presented by Kerry Carron on 02/26/2018 2:00pm

Kerry identifies how freelancers can move beyond surviving and begin to thrive.

There are 3 primary areas in the life of freelancer that need to be addressed, balanced and continually evaluated in order to thrive.

When you take the required action needed within these areas – especially one pivotal area – you can begin to thrive!

The Focus For Freelancers


  • 3 areas freelancers should focus on
  • what actions freelancers need to take
  • why freelancers should take these actions

The area of finance is probably the most talked about topic when you hear anything about how to be a successful freelancer. It is also probably the one area that most freelancers stress most about.

The whole purpose of having a business to make money, have a reliable income and NOT have to have that thing that keeps you Just Over Broke – otherwise known as a J.O.B.

How to Create Financial Security

Take actions that will have a positive impact on your business.

  1. Build a wide client base
    You can find potential clients by marketing to your local area. Another option is to build up your reputation remotely so it does not matter where you are physically located. And lastly, start learning how to implement what you need to consistently ask for and receive referrals from your existing clients.
  2. Collect regular income
    When you build regular income avenues into your freelance business, your income and your work will become consistent and predictable.You’ll end up building stronger relationships with the clients you already have who will, in turn, provide you with additional work AND referrals.
  3. Invest in your business
    The best answer to when you should be investing in your business is “whenever you can strategically spend on things that will make your business grow”.Startup investments are common at the launch of a new business. You can also strategically plan your investments annually, quarterly, or monthly.

    1. Spend TIME on your business
      • learning to recognize opportunities
      • to identify business needs
      • watching for deals
      • educating yourself
      • planning when you will take action
      • implementing (actually taking the action)
    2. Spend MONEY on your business
      • taking advantage of the opportunities you identified
      • reinvesting profits
      • taking classes or courses
      • by outsourcing work you don’t like or want to do
      • building your toolkit

Though investing (time and money) in your business does create a positive impact on your business – it does NOT always create a positive impact on your relationships or your well-being.

As freelancers, we tend to overdo it and it is not uncommon for us to spend ALL of our time or ALL of our money on our businesses – especially when we are first starting out. The adrenaline and passion we have for starting something new often leads to us becoming a workaholic.

To thrive as a freelancer, we need more than just our business – we need to have a life too. Isn’t that at least one of the reasons WHY we wanted to own our own business anyway?

Next is the area of fun (and relationships). Specifically, making time to interact with the people we need to have relationships with in order to thrive as a freelancer.

Family and Friends – We need to have relationships with these people because these are the people we want to spend more time with.

Clients and Customers – We need to have relationships with these people because these are the people that we have to spend time with in order to have a successful business.

How to Create Time for Life

Take actions that will have a positive impact on your relationships!

  1. Build beneficial boundaries
    • Learn how to say “no”
    • Use a calendar to plan and schedule
      There is a saying that if it is not on your calendar it does not exist. So, make this a truth.Schedule the dinner hour, schedule time for a movie, schedule your client work,, etc. Start putting everything on a calendar. Business AND personal.  You’ll be amazed at how productive you will become and how much time you create for having fun!Don’t worry, you can still be spontaneous at times too. Just think of it this way… if you want to just go do something, at least you’ll know if you’re free to do it!
    • Use your own rules
      It is great to create some basic rules to follow. (You can base them on your own morals and values because it’s YOUR business/life!)Rules are only going to work if you follow them. So, when you set your boundaries, set them so that you can keep them and enforce them. This makes saying, “no”, a lot easier.
  2. Build healthy relationships

Schedule work hours. Plan for, and have fun!

  • Take weekends off
  • stop work on time
  • eat meals with your family, together
  • schedule vacations
  • travel together

Develop respect

  • Treat others the way you WANT to be treated (not the way others may be treating you)
  • respect others
  • be consistent and dependable
  • educate others
  • provide clear expectations WITH boundaries

A great relationship benefits everyone, so communicate regularly and honestly with family, friends, clients, and customers

  • Boundaries apply to both your business and your relationships.
  • The setting, enforcing, and living by your boundaries will have a positive impact on your relationships.
  • Improving your relationships also has a positive impact on the growth of your business.

We’re making some progress but we still don’t have everything we need to THRIVE as a freelancer.

The last of the 3 areas that need to be addressed, balanced and continually evaluated is fitness for freelancers.

This area is pivotal in our journey toward thriving as a freelancer and it relates to our personal well-being.

How to Create a Better You

Take actions that will have a positive impact on you!

Build a Strong Mind

  1. Mental HealthIsolation and Stress are 2 main things that most freelancers struggle with within the area of mental health.
    • Overcome isolation
      • Surround yourself with comfortThis kind of comfort can range from pictures, candles, scents to vision boards in and around the office that are visual representations and reminders for you as to WHY you are a freelancer in the first place.
      • Create an ideal home office
        A comfortable chair or a stand-up desk can increase your productivity.
      • Work remotely
        Pack up your computer and head to the library or local coffee shop. Get out and surround yourself with people!
      • Join and participate in a chat group
    • Conquer StressThere are millions of freelancers. Although you sometimes may feel like you are all alone – know that we all have felt the same way you are feeling right now at some point and time. Connect with us. YOU are NOT the only lonely isolated freelancer out here – YOU are NOT ALONE!One final note… suicide is NEVER a good option so PLEASE take it off the table. It’s OK to ask for or to seek help.
  2. Personal Development & Improvement (Continue Learning)
    1. Reading books
    2. Formal or self-study
    3. Spiritual Growth

Build a Strong Body

  1. Food and Nutrition
    • 3-6 meals a day
    • Appropriate calorie level
    • 64 oz. of water
  2. Physical Activity
    • Less Sitting – The effects of long sitting are VERY detrimental to your health! Here’s a list…
      • altered posture
      • tight muscles
      • weakness
      • decreased cardiovascular health
      • diabetes risk
      • obesity risk
      • increased depression, anxiety, and lower well-being (this is exasperated because we are already prone to this because of our isolation!!!)
      • altered digestion
      • cancer risk
      • an increased mortality rate
    • More Moving – work toward 10,000 steps a dayTaking just 10,000 steps every day reduces the risk of heart disease. It is the equivalent to getting 30 minutes of activity most days of the week OR walking 3-5 miles!Simply increasing your steps (try the trick with drinking water I talk about in the presentation) decreases your body mass index (BMI),  your waistline, and your health risks and increases your energy level.

Schedule Activity, Use Technology and Automate Habits

Plan and schedule activity into your routine. Find and use the technology that can help you to make moving fun and allow you to change your lifestyle and still be productive at work.

Start with VERY small, attainable goals and build to a routine you can live with.

A Better You is a Strong Mind Paired With a Strong Body

Developing healthy habits for your mind and your body will have a positive impact on you. It will also have a positive impact on your relationships AND on the growth of your business.

Investing in yourself has the greatest impact on all the areas of your life.

Thriving in finance is great for business.
Thriving in fun is great for business and relationships.
Thriving in fitness is great for business, our relationships and allows us to become better people!

Be it the financial, the fun, or the fitness aspect of our freelancing lives – investing in ourselves is the key to moving beyond simply surviving.


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Presenter Bio: Kerry Carron

Kerry Carron is a loving wife and mother of three grown boys. As a freelancer, Kerry has built hundreds of WordPress websites and assisted other freelancers and small agencies with WordPress support and business development. She is the founder of OwnWP, a production of Ultimate Solution, LLC.

Kerry specializes in processes and creating systems. She is passionate about helping others find their path to success and her aspiration with OwnWP is to encourage other freelancers in finding and using the right combination of tools and skills they need to do more than merely survive!