Marketing to the Aha Moment

Presented by Ereika Stimley on 04/30/2018 12:00am

What was it about YOU that made your best customers choose you over choosing someone else to work with? Do you know why your best customers choose you over the competition?

If you are a freelancer and you are managing clients, this can become an even greater challenge. Now, you need to understand why your client's customers choose them too!

What if you could take those moments where clients are absolutely sure they’ve made the right choice in working with you, and turn them into actionable messaging that you can use throughout your marketing channels to grow more leads and sales?

In this webinar we’ll talk about ways to discover your clients’ (and their clients’) “Aha Moments”, including ways to figure out what moves people to take action even when you haven’t made a sale yet, and how to integrate that knowledge into your sales funnels to improve lead generation and sales.

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Presenter Bio: Ereika Stimley

Ereika Stimley is a content marketing consultant with over 18 years’ experience in the online marketing space. She works exclusively with SMBs and independent professionals in various industries, but with a particular focus on SaaS and service-based clients. 
With a focus on engaging storytelling alongside integrated, repeatable processes for engagement, Ereika crafts content marketing plans that resonate with customers from the first touch to the final conversion. 


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