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Presented by Dustin Bolton on 07/30/2018 2:00pm is a software as a service solution for automating the migration of WordPress sites to a new host or URL on demand. It fills the need for an easy to use tool that reliably migrates sites even in the worst hosting environments. Using Magic Migration you'll be able to avoid problems such as timeouts, disk I/O limits, or compatibility problems with other plugins.

Magic Migration auto-magically moves everything your website needs – your site's database & files, updating URLs, paths, serialized data, configuration files, & more.

The Magic Migration wizard walks you through the migration process by only asking you for information it cannot automatically deduce on its own to keep things simple for you.

During this webinar, Dustin Bolton demonstrates a migration and explains some useful ways developers can implement Magic Migration into their day to day workflow – to switch hosts, clone sites, staging & development areas, and even as a backup method. Most importantly, Dustin reveals why Magic Migration is the most innovative migration tool available and why you'll want to choose it over any other currently available option.

Manual Migrations

You might be wondering why you simply cannot just perform a migration manually. The short answer is that you can, however, the real question should be why you should choose NOT to migrate manually.

WordPress and many third-party plugins often store server or URL-specific data inside the database or configuration files. Unfortunately, manual migrations can miss updating these items. And finding them to ensure they get updated can be a tedious, time consuming, and easy mess up process.

What Manual Migration Often Miss

  • URLs in pages, posts, comments, etc.
  • Absolute URLs or paths in plugin data
  • Database prefixes in user metadata
  • Database settings in the wp-config.php
  • URLs or paths in serialized (encoded) data
  • Paths in the .htaccess

Existing Migration Solutions

There are a lot of other migrations solutions available. But if you are a developer and have had any experience in migrating websites, you know that there is a list of the inherit problems that you are always hoping that you won’t experience when the migration process is taking place!

Most existing migration solutions are also plugin based solutions which introduce another entirely different set of regular concerns.

Common Problems with Existing Migration Solutions

  • They struggle with large sites
  • Time spent downloading and installing a plugin
  • Time spent downloading & uploading backup archives & scripts
  • The need to monitor the entire migration process
  • They run on your site’s server in PHP consuming resources
  • Dealing with plugin conflicts
  • Server restrictions – hitting disk I/O caps, CPU limits, PHP timeouts
  • They require tweaking plugin settings & configuration
  • You must learn file server and database server settings

The New Migration Solution is MagicMigration

MagicMigration is a web-based migration tool that automates the migration of your website, and all of its data, from one server or URL to another, on-demand.

With MagicMigration, there is nothing to download or install. Everything runs on the magic migration server. It works reliably with any host that allows third-party integration. MagicMigration is quick and easy.

MagicMigration migrates everything:

  • database
  • files
  • configuration files
  • media
  • posts
  • pages
  • everything

During the migration, it also updates all the URLs and paths including non-WordPress (WP) data like non-WP files and non-WP tables.

In the process of migrating, MagicMigration connects to your source site and streams the files from that source location, through the MagicMigration server. The information, while in memory, is manipulated and reorganized with the new destination information, and then streamed onward to your destination site.

The importance of this is that there is no work on your behalf. All of the issues and potential conflicts that all the other existing migration solutions have been completely eliminated using MagicMigration.

All of the issues and potential conflicts that all the other existing migration solutions have been completely eliminated using MagicMigration.

MagicMigration Features

Auto Detects Settings

As you enter basic information into the MagicMigration system it is able to communicate with your source site and detect the information that it needs without you having to complete additional form fields or supply any additional information. For example, if you are on a cPanel, the only information required would be your cPanel username and password. MagicMigration would use that information and be able to set up your site, your database, and your FTP access.

Settings can be manually configured if you prefer but by default, this is set to be completed for you making MagicMigration as easy as possible for you and without you needing to know anything about file structure or database creation.

No Taxing Server Resources Being Used

MagicMigration will not slow your server because all of the resources used to run a migration through MagicMigration are being completed on the MagicMigration servers, not yours. Your server and/or hosting company’s limitations are never a problem because they do not even come into play with the MagicMigration process.

Secure and Encrypted

As an additional security precaution, the information is streamed only through memory so your files and information are never written or stored to the MagicMigration server disk – it is only ever kept in memory. Once the migration is complete, the memory is emptied and there is no residual data on the MagicMigration servers.

Even though the information is only ever in memory, we still take the security of any information very seriously. Passwords are hashed and then hashed passwords are then encrypted during the entire migration process.

In the event of a hack, the best security is to not hold sensitive data, so MagicMigration does not keep sensitive data once the migration has completed – your data is simply not there.

The MagicMigration servers are all isolated from one another. Each migration that occurs is placed in separate containers from any other migration and therefore is isolated, protected, and safe from cross software issues.

No Wait Time

The initialization of the migration is the only time during the entire MagicMigration process that your presence is needed. Once the process begins, you may leave, close your browser, or even shut down your computer. The MagicMigration system handles everything or you.

Incremental File Syncing

MagicMigration will only move information that has not already been transferred. Only new or changed files will be moved.

MagicMigration Support

The MagicMigration team is available to you with their support for any problems, questions or suggestions (feature requests).

  • multiple staff members
  • Ticket System (online form) via a link on site (
  • Live Chat (hours vary)
  • Complimentary done for you migration services

Potential Use Cases with MagicMigration

Cloning or Starter Sites

MagicMigration is ideal for duplicating a base template site saving you time, energy, and money when it comes to design and development workflow processes.

Switching Hosts

Ideal for when you outgrow an existing hosting environment or if your business has grown to the point that you need more server resources to accommodate your website traffic.

Staging and Development

As a website designer/developer creating new websites in a development area prior to production is ideal. Once a site has launched, having a staging area for your client’s websites is ideal prior to pushing changes, additions or even updates. MagicMigration is ideal for moving data quickly and easily between these different hosting environments.

Options for migration include the entire website, just the database, a few files or even a subset of the files – customizing what you need to move.

Migration Service

There is money to be made as a professional website migration specialist. This can be a quick and easy one and done service for your freelance business. Use the MagicMigration tool and get paid by clients to move websites between hosting environments.

Syncing Files or Database Between Servers

Migrate your site or your database to a second server creating a “hot spare” of your site ready to go at any time. This is ideal if your primary server unexpectedly goes down. You simply switch the DNS to your secondary server location and serve the website files from there essentially eliminating any chance of loss of revenue from a website being down.

Manual Settings Entry

Magic Migration includes manual settings options for situations like when your website is not hosted in a cPanel environment if you want to customize or override any of the default settings, or perhaps your WP config-file information is broken.

Advanced Settings

  • Directory and file exclusions
  • Database table exclusions
  • Database table inclusions
  • Customize database prefix
  • Include all tables, none, or by prefix
  • File transfer speed throttling
  • File and database connection limits
  • Transfer only files, or only database

Magic Migration Manual Setting AreaMagic Migration Database Settings

Migrating Without Downtime

Though this is not exclusive to MagicMigation, it is always recommended to verify and test your site before completing your migration (ie. shutting off or shutting down existing hosting).

  1. Navigate the site using the desired URLs normally
  2. Use your computer’s HOSTS file to test the destination
  3. Update the DNS for the new destination (once testing is completed)

Testing via Your Computer’s HOSTS file

NOTE: Use caution when using this process if you are not familiar as this can mess up your computer if you were to incorrectly enter something or forget to change things back once tested. It can be a bit overwhelming for less experienced designers/developers!

Computers have a HOSTS file that allows you to locally override the DNS settings for any domain accessed from your computer, and your computer only. This allows you to point any domain name you visit on your computer to any IP address. When you visit any domain, your computer checks the HOSTS file to see if there is an override.

This more or less tricks your web browser into loading your site from a different server even though you have not yet switched the DNS settings to the new server.

  1. Set up your computer’s HOSTS file to point the new domain to the new IP address
    1. Access your computer’s Terminal
    2. HOSTS file format = Desired IP followed by the domain name (TAB)
  2. Go to the new domain in your browser

Optionally, there are some browser plugins that simulate this process without you having to go in an edit your computer’s HOSTS file.

MagicMigration Benefits

  1. Saves time – faster, easier, no plugins, no scripts, no archives or zipped files. Start the process and let it run.
  2. Saves Your Sanity – less fuss, no plugin conflicts, no timeouts, no waiting
  3. Saves Server Resources – no server limitations to worry about
  4. Saves Your Migration – Support if something goes wrong. Done for you migrations as needed.

MagicMigrations Plans

You can buy a single migration for immediate use, a pack of non-expiring migrations to use whenever you want at deep discounts or a yearly unlimited plan which offers an unlimited number of migrations as long as you have an active unlimited plan.

MagicMigration Plans and Pricing

Dustin has graciously offered us the following discounts:

  • 40% discount on any MagicMigration Plans (limited time)
    CODE: ownwp
  • 50% off of the Developer Plan (limited time)
    CODE: dev50

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Presenter Bio: Dustin Bolton

Dustin Bolton is an advanced Software Engineer holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and an Entrepreneur with expert WordPress and coding experience. His skills encompass many programming languages, web development, cloud system operations (SysOps), computer hardware, electronics, and more. Dustin created, developed, and was responsible for the code running on over a million sites for a popular WordPress plugin called BackupBuddy. Most recently, Dustin created, an innovative software as a service solution (SASS) to migrate WordPress sites without the inherent limitations of existing solutions. When not coding or working on his business Dustin enjoys making home improvements, working in the garden, and cooking.