Hacks That Reveal the Hidden Truths Within Google

Presented by Mike Clay on 04/16/2018 2:00pm

The process of the Search Engine Index

Most of us never dive DEEP into what information Google can really see. It's time to open our eyes.

In this Tools of the Trade Webinar, we'll be looking in depth at another SEO Tool - Google! We are going to put on the Google Black Hat, grin like a Cheshire Cat and DIVE DEEP.

Mike is going to teach us how to find hidden truths within Google. This will be the first time Mike has ever revealed his foundational approach to understanding SEO outside of his live 3 day workshops.

PROTIP: If you missed the free live recording, it's not too late to view the replay! Replays are available to OwnWP members - join us today!

The Google Search Engine Process

Google indexes pages on the web by using what is commonly known as “Spiders”, “Crawlers”, or “robots”. They use links found on websites to travel from site to site.

When a new page is found by the spiders the site is “crawled” and the code is copied and sent back to a Google Data Center.

This is called INDEXING.

Google does not INDEX sites, it indexes individual pages within sites.


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Presenter Bio: Mike Clay

Mike Clay is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Mike founded Clay Digital Consulting - an Atlanta based firm of Marketing Consultants, in 2013.

His team is highly trained in Digital Marketing and Branding. With skills ranging from graphics design to Neuro-Marketing, they push the limits to the cutting edge and work to be the innovators in the Digital Marketing industry.


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