Building Upon Our Community and Connections

Presented by Kerry Carron on 01/07/2019 2:00pm

In today's Monday MeetUp we'll tell you what we know about using WordPress @ Work (minutes),  explain a little bit about where OwnWP community members hang out, what makes up the OwnWP population, and go into a little bit of one-on-one help providing a couple of community connections.

Community Meet and Greet

OwnWP General Population

OwnWP Population consists of 3 (potentially overlapping) groups.

  1. chat group members,
    1. Slack 
    2. Skype 
    3. Facebook Page
    4. Facebook Group (coming NLT Mar 31st, 2019)
  2. paid members
    1. Private channel - (associates)
    2. Members area
  3. council members (continue reading)

Council and Council Members

Council Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Council members are “elected each December for the following year.
  • Council members must have a current OwnWP paid membership.
  • Council members must be nominated.
  • Nominated Council members must accept their nomination to become a council member.
  • There may be up to 10 council members each year.
  • If more than 10 council members are nominated, an election will take place.

Though there is no official time requirement for council members the most important single responsibility of a council member is their participation in any (or all?) of the following.

  • chat groups
  • webinars
  • meetings

Benefits for Council Members

  • member benefits,
  • access to a private chat channel(council-members),
  • act as the sounding board for OwnWP program changes, additions, and suggestions.
  • The value of their vote, input, and opinion holds at least 2 times more weight than the general OwnWP population.

2019 Council Members

Barney McKamy
Kerry Carron 
Michele Roper
Michelle Gustafson
Arelthia Phillips
Barbara Rowen
Cristal Firestone
Steve Cunningham

We encourage everyone in our network to feel free to reach out and connect with our new council members. These community members are here to help you. If they do not personally have the skills or knowledge for what you need, they are sure to help you find someone in the community that does!

Presenter Bio: Kerry Carron

Kerry Carron is a loving wife and mother of three grown boys. As a freelancer, Kerry has built hundreds of WordPress websites and assisted other freelancers and small agencies with WordPress support and business development. She is the founder of OwnWP, a production of Ultimate Solution, LLC.

Kerry specializes in processes and creating systems. She is passionate about helping others find their path to success and her aspiration with OwnWP is to encourage other freelancers in finding and using the right combination of tools and skills they need to do more than merely survive!