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Making WordPress Better

World Class Tools Now Available in WordPress

WordPress @ Work – Continual Changes, Regular Improvements The WordPress Date/Time component – the code that manages date, time, and timezone functionality interestingly still includes

Take the Headache Out of Video Production

ScreenFlow: Simplifying Your Video Production Process

In general, Screenflow is pretty easy to learn. Once you understand the basics you can do some pretty complex things quite simply. And if you

WP 5.1.1 Release and ScreenFlow Discount

WordPress Now Powers Over 1/3rd of the Top 10 Million Sites

WordPress @ Work – WP News that Makes a Difference WordPress has managed to hit an unprecedented new milestone. According to W3Techs, WordPress now powers

Big Vulnerability

Breaking News: How to Protect Your Sites From Harmful Vulnerabilities

WordPress @ Work – WP Triage Team Announced One of the goals for 2019 was to form a team who would work to manage the

5 Minute WP 5.1 Tutorial & More!

Could A Simple Book Save Your Freelance Business?

Welcome to this week’s Network News Lets get started with the WordPress industry news. WordPress @ Work WordPress 5.1 is available as the newest stable


Outsourcing Strategies to Achieve Success

Outsourcing can help us grow our businesses. In this presentation, we will look at the kinds of tasks that can be outsourced and learn about

Viddyoze - Video Animation

Attention Grabbing Videos Result in Action Being Taken

In today’s presentation, we will be explaining and demonstrating video animation and our process for creating professional videos for just about any video marketing project.

Lights, Camera, Action - YouTube

OwnWP YouTube Channel Offering Public Video Playlists

Network News is a weekly publication of freelance industry news about the WordPress platform and community, upcoming WordCamp events, known vulnerabilities, OwnWP community, OwnWP feature focus,

Content Samurai

A Solution to Simplify Your Video Creation

In this Tools of the Trade webinar, we’ll be featuring a video-creating product that we’ve been using for years called Content Samurai. Content Samurai The

Information Critical to Your Success

Winning Tactics For Using Your Nudge Report

Read and view this week’s episode of our Network News WordPress @ Work Additions to WordPress Leadership A milestone announcement we missed back in January

Network Newsletter

Newsletter Know How

WordPress @ Work WordPress News The WordPress 5.1 Beta 2 is now available and ready for testing! The WordPress core team is reaching out to

Actionable Adjustments for Immediate Business Growth

6 Business Growth Plan Solutions You Can Apply Today

Business growth is moving our business from wherever it is, closer to where we really want it to be. Regardless of the size or the

Inside the Members Area

How To Get the Most Out Of the Members Area

In today’s Network News & MeetUp we’ll review WordPress community news during our WordPress @ Work segment,  share the latest WordPress plugin vulnerabilities, and dive into

Preventing Client Problems

Counteracting Potential Client Complications

Clients can be the best and worst part of running a WordPress business. While it’s impossible to avoid client problems entirely, many of them can

Trello for Project Management

Don’t Buy Another Project Management Until You Try Trello

What is Trello? Trello is a collaboration tool that you can use to manage almost any area of business or your personal life. In this webinar,

Council and Connections

Building Upon Our Community and Connections

In today’s Monday MeetUp we’ll tell you what we know about using WordPress @ Work (minutes),  explain a little bit about where OwnWP community members

Path yo Success

OwnWP Road Map for Monday Meet Ups

OwnWP has some lofty plans for 2019 and will be taking every advantage of the mind shift that accompanies every new year. It never ceases

Looking Back & Moving Forward

OwnWP Year in Review and Plan for 2019

Our OwnWP 2018 recap and road map webinar includes our 2018 webinar presenter thanks, appreciation, and acknowledgment and quick introduction of expected presenters for the

The Secret to Creating Branded Content

The Secret to Creating Branded Content

Most freelancers and business owners understand the significance of having their company branded. And although there is a lot of time spent initially on setting

Embracing Social Media Trends

Embracing Social Media Trends

Social media is a fast-paced world – ever changing and ever evolving. In 2018 we saw a lot of focus on privacy, GDPR, and the

Productive Processes

Upgrade Your To Do Lists – Creating Productive Processes

Productive Processes As a freelancer, are you finding yourself always wearing all of the hats that are required to run a successful business? Can you relate

Assumed Name Certificate

Assumed Name Certificates Changes the Conversation

This webinar will be going into some additional specifics regarding what is or isn’t to be perceived and fact in our modern world. Our original conversation

Live Agent Custom Automation

Live Agent Custom Automation Tips You’re Not Going to Want to Miss

LiveAgent is the top-rated help desk software available for freelancers and small businesses who want to be more productive and increase their professional appearance while providing

SEO for Videos Across the Internet

Video used to be a difficult thing for freelancers to produce and market. The time, cost, and expertise of using video for marketing prohibited many freelancers

Missinglettr Doesn't Miss Anything

Missinglettr Doesn’t Miss Anything

What is Missinglettr? Missinglettr is an easy and fast way to promote website content that you are posting to your website. It helps you to

Tools of Big Fluffy

The Tools of Big Fluffy

This is a look at the collection of web development tools and services that Big Fluffy has determined most useful to use within the structure

Building a Base for Development Efficiency

Creating a Base Build for Website Development Efficiency

This Web Wonders webinar follows Hugh Smith through his website Base Build. A website base build is not designed for use as the final website,

RSS Tricks and Tips

RSS Tips and Tricks

RSS makes a computer readable document accessible through a document referred to as a “feed”, “web feed”, or “channel”. RSS is the abbreviation for  Really Simple Syndication.

Do You Really Need WordPress

Do You Really Need WordPress?

This webinar will touch on the history of WordPress and some of the not so common ways that WordPress is currently being used. We’ll also

Learning About Virtually Everything

Learning About Virtually Everything

Learning about virtually everything may seem like a pretty strong statement and one that quite likely requires additional information. Barbara Rowen owns Virtually Everything… as

Padchops CPT Webinar

Behind the Scenes: Padchops CPT

Pad Chops is a place for percussionists to come and work on their rudimental exercises. It is a personal passion project that is fun to

WordPress Marketing Tweaks

Tools to Make WP Marketing Tweaks Push Button Easy

WP Marketing Tweaks explores the 5 digital marketing areas to address and tweak when you are marketing using a WordPress website. Top 5 Areas for WP

Magic Migration

MagicMigration Auto-Magically…Guaranteed!

MagicMigration.com is a software as a service solution for automating the migration of WordPress sites to a new host or URL on demand. It fills

Progress With Productivity

How to Use Productivity Secrets to Achieve Your Goals

We are in the business of people. Our online business’ must meet our client’s high expectations while at the same time remain productive, and continue to

HTTPS'ify Your Localhost

Finally, a Solution to HTTPS-ify Your Localhost that Works

Setting up HTTPS locally can be a little bit tricky. You may manage to get your self-signed certificates installed, but you still end up with

Tools of the Trade Webinar - SEO Power Suite

Integrate SEO PowerSuite Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In Digital Marketing, we need data to know WHAT to do next. Not only do we need DATA it has to be actionable. We need

Location Marketing Explained

What Is Location Marketing and How Does It Work?

Location Marketing (or maybe you’ve heard it referred to as Google Map Marketing) is when you market your business through, and leverage, Google Maps. This

Harness the Power of Fonts and Font Icons

Amazing Ways To Use Fonts and Font Icons

For many WordPress site users and developers, the ability to add custom fonts can be an overwhelming endeavor. You might be thinking about simply using a

Email Marketing with ActiveCampaign

Who Wants 3 – 5 New Leads Every Week?

This Tools of the Trade webinar is really all about marketing. Marketing is about growing your business and scaling your business. If you are not thinking

Simplifying GDPR

In this webinar, we sort through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, rant about some of the lunacy, and get down with some straight talk

Email Marketing Sequencing and Segmenting

Email Marketing: the good, the bad, the Sender Score. Understanding why not all providers are created equal and how to build automation sequences that grow

Imagine Qualifying Your Business, Service, or Product to KNOW You’ll Make Money

Creating multiple streams of income is one of the ways that Freelancers can start to do more than merely survive. This webinar is going to

Marketing to the Aha Moment

Marketing to the Aha Moment

What was it about YOU that made your best customers choose you over choosing someone else to work with? Do you know why your best

Using Sass and CodeKit Inside WordPress

Speed up your development when applying styles to sites. We’ll be covering the basics applications of using Sass and Codekit inside WordPress. Bring duct tape

Google's Boolean Basics

Hacks That Reveal the Hidden Truths Within Google

Most of us never dive DEEP into what information Google can really see. It’s time to open our eyes. In this Tools of the Trade

Content Templates

How to Use Content Templates to Reach Your SEO Goals

Did you know that the WAY you implement content on your site will make or break your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Not only that, it

Prepare To Increase Your Business Income

This webinar is for you if… your business is a concept, your business is just a hobby,  your business is a job that you have created

Stop Being Chattel

Stop Being Chattel “Neo, the Matrix has you!”

Ok, how many of you just looked up that word? We did. You know the quote… But do you know what the real matrix is?

How You Can Benefit From SEO Quake and Quix

In today’s webinar, Mike audits a page from one of his clients’ sites. We go through the entire process using SEO Quake, Quix and SEO

Best Google My Business – Maps Marketing Secrets Revealed

Mike continues to “WOW” us with the extensive amount of information and processes that it takes to do Digital Marketing well. The process of Google Maps

Pricing for Profit

Pricing For Profit

Being broke as a freelancer is a common problem and it happens to the best of us. The problem is not what you might think

Ride to Thrive

Moving Beyond Simply Surviving

Kerry identifies how freelancers can move beyond surviving and begin to thrive. There are 3 primary areas in the life of freelancer that need to

Content Auditing

Content Auditing

Content auditing is the official terminology used to describe the process of checking your site (or your client’s sites) to ensure that the content it

Schema Markup

What You Need to Know About Schema Markup

A schema by definition in psychology and cognitive science describes a pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among

Freelance Survival Skills

James is a US military veteran and entrepreneur. During this Freelance Survival Series, James plans to provide us with the tactical to practical on building

WOrkflow of Productive People

Workflows and Tools of Productive People

Benjamin Bradley of WPStudio discusses how the best of the best have mastered being productive in an industry where everything is a priority. He reveals

Never Use !important!

How to Never Use !important!

Some time in the 199os specifications for CSS (cascading style sheets) were drafted and !important declarations were introduced as a way that would help developers and

Ride to Thrive!

A Freelancer’s Ride to Thrive – WordCamp ABQ

Moving Beyond Simply Surviving Many freelancers are stuck just surviving. This presentation identifies how freelancers can move beyond surviving and begin to thrive. Please take

SEO Plugins

SEO Plugins

Mike Clay demonstrates and details how to use and apply some key digital marketing tools. Different tools each webinar to fill your toolbox and reap

On Page SEO

Digital Marketing – On Page SEO

On-page SEO has changed through the years. Some techniques that used to yield great results are no longer considered to be best practice. Mike Clay

Digital Marketing for 2018

Planning Your Digital Strategy

Any time of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your business, determine what needs to change and start the process of planning your digital

How Email Marketing Can Be a Growth Hack

Mike returns with his expert knowledge of Email Marketing. He provides the tips and techniques to work to engage your list in a way that

Content Syndication (Part 2)

Mike Clay continues his digital Marketing series with this continuation of the Fast and Easy Content Creation Webinar… This Part 2 demonstrates the complete setup after

Fast and Easy Content Even Your Clients Can Create

Mike Clay continues his digital Marketing series revealing a quick, and simple technique called Content Casting. In this webinar Mike begins to show us how we

Is SEO Really Dead This Time?

There have been a lot of technological advances and changes in the SEO and digital marketing industries making their metrics more and more difficult to monitor

Silo Structure

Make Silo Building Easy

Mike returns and continues to deliver OwnWP exclusive material through his Digital Marketing series. Attendees of this presentation are saying that this was the most

Mastering Dropbox Organization

Find out the three most common techniques of organization and how to determine which method will work best for your organizational style. Want more information?

Planning to Create Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Mike is back providing us with a list of digital marketing tools to lead us through what to look for, how to find, track, and

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Kerry Carron and Barbara Rowen walk through the primary social media networks. Highlights of the video share how to leverage your social network dataand where

Take Your Keywords to the Next Level

Finding Keywords that work. Keyword Research can be tedious. It doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple steps.

How Digital Marketing Positioning Can Turn Prospects into Clients

Sales and Persuasion for Digital Marketing. Understanding how to talk with prospects to shift them into a better mindset to BUY services, and knowing what

Silo Structuring

Mike Clay returns to explain the structure and importance of an SEO Silo designed for digital marketing.  

Revealing the Hidden Features of WPRemote

Benjamin reviews a system and a plugin that many of us have not seen in years – WPRemote. WPRemote has abandoned their paid business model

From SEO to Digital Marketing

Mike shares his experience and the importance of changing your mindset away from what you think SEO is and shifting it toward providing what we

We Watch Your Website

Join CoachB (Mark) and Kerry Carron for a chat with Tom Raef, founder of WeWatchYourWebsite.com, a service offering website security and malware scanning cleaning services

ABC Summer School

ABC Summer School – Session 4

This is not the beginning of this series. If you’d like to go back to the beginning, start here: Read ABC Summer School Preview, and view

ABC Summer School

ABC Summer School – Session 3

This is not the beginning of this series. If you’d like to go back to the beginning, start here: Read ABC Summer School Preview, and view

ABC Summer School

ABC Summer School – Session 2

This is not the beginning of this series. If you’d like to go back to the beginning, start here: Read ABC Summer School Preview, and view

ABC Summer School

ABC Summer School – Session 1

An ABC Summer School Preview webinar free replay for this event is available. View the ABC Summer School Preview Webinar During Session 1 Arelthia Phillips

ABC Summer School

ABC Summer School Preview

ABC Summer School Sessions are going to be taught in a webinar style environment with 2 experienced instructors – Arelthia Phillips and Kerry Carron. One

Creating Builder Child Themes for iThemes Builder

Are Virtual Private Servers a Good Hosting Option for You?

Join Founding OWNWP Member Jeremy LaRay as he compares VPS options and help you to determine which VPS options may work for you. Jeremy goes

Brainstorming for Business

How to Apply the Mastermind Principle The Mastermind Principle is fail proof provided that your purpose in using the principle is beneficial to all whom

12 Days of Christmas Lucky Winners Party

Here are the Lucky Winner Gift Winners ***************************************************** LinkedIn Profiles: Scott M Logo Design: Janet H Word-Smithed Articles: Mary Anne W MAMP Pack: Evelyn L

Need a Nudge? – Learning the Concepts of a Tribe

Join OWNWP member Kerry Carron as she invites you to learn about the concept of Tribes and how your OWNWP membership can help you to

Using LoopBuddy to Display PODS CPT (Part 2)

The LONG awaited Part 2 of learning how to use iThemes LoopBuddy plugin to display regular custom post types created with PODS.

Facebook’s not for Business

Why Small Business Marketing Should Not Rely Solely on Social Media Join OWNWP member Dennis Bosse as he explains what businesses need to understand about

Creating Quick and Easy Step by Step Process Documents

How long does it take you to create instructions for your clients? OWNWP member Arelthia will show you how to create quick, easy to follow,

Microdata: What It Is, How To Use It & Why To Use It

OWNWP member Valerie Cudnik takes us through the adventures of microdata. Find out what it is, how to use it and why to use it,

Copywriting & Wordsmithing Tips & Tricks

Join OWNWP Council Member Barbara Rowen as she walks us though her thought process of getting the left brain/right brain thing going in order to

Introduction to Pinterest

Pin The Tail on What? Come and interact with OWNWP founding and council member Jan McClintock and learn what you need to know when getting

Tips and Tools for Writing for On Page SEO

OWNWP founding and council member Kerry Carron shares her on page SEO writing techniques and some of the tools she uses to turn writing articles

10 Time Saving Firebug Tips

Join Founding OWNWP member Kerry Carron as she shares 10 tips you can apply now to save you time identifying CSS classes and ID’s and

From Keywords to Websites

Learn what elements are important on your site to rank well, and what keywords MATTER! Join OWNWP member Michael Clay as he shares his Search

Migrating Websites Without Using BackupBuddy

Bryan shares this quick and easy way to migrate an existing site to a new location and successfully change the URLs to the new site

Sublime Text 2: Basics for PC Web Developers

Join founding member Arelthia Phillips as she helps members to learn the Sublime Text-2 basics. Arelthia explains the installation, basic configuration and helpful add-ons for

Using Open Source (Free) Software for Video

Join  2013 OWNWP Council Member Jeremy Tarrier (JeremyT_in SG) and learn how about using Open Source software to record your videos and webinars free. Apologies.

Is Your Business Paradigm Helping or Hindering Your Sucess

Join OWNWP member Nina East for something spectacular!

Creating Custom Post Types with PODS Display with LoopBuddy

Learn to create simple Custom Post Type and Taxonomies with PODS and display using LoopBuddy from founding member Kerry Carron.