What’s the Best Theme for Beaver Builder?

With the growing rate of Page Builder popularity in the World of WordPress, you might be wondering what, if any, role do WordPress Themes fulfill?

WordPress Marketing TweaksWordPress Themes in the World of Page Builders

If you’re going to use a page builder like Beaver Builder to handle the design of your website, the role of the theme becomes clear. Themes used to provide designers and developers with layout options for our headers, footers, widgets, sidebars, and blog layouts.

However, things have changed dramatically. Using tools like Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer, all of the things that used to be handled by our themes, are now handled by the tools.

Nowadays, the ideal theme is something that isn't going to get in our way and is fast and easy.

Our theme functionality need only be for things like typography, color, and other style options found in our global settings. And it must be robust enough to provide the HTML structure to support the design created by the page builders.

The theme is the frame, the page builder is the canvas. ~Nathan Ingram

Selecting the Right Theme for Page Builder Development

First, and foremost, we need to compare the themes that will work best with or are developed specifically for our page builder. Let's take a closer look at Astra, Beaver Builder Theme and GeneratePress – the three top recommended themes for the Beaver Builder page builder.

Next, we need to determine the criteria that are the most important to, and best align with, our design and development processes. We have narrowed down our criteria to four areas.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. price
  2. speed
  3. features
  4. support

Price Comparison

Questionable Income

Although Astra and GeneratePress have free versions of their themes available to test through the WP repository, there are some compelling reasons to consider purchasing the Pro versions.

Purchasing the pro versions

  • provides access to pro support whenever you might need it
  • supports the theme developers so they will want to continue to develop their awesome products
  • helps to ensure that the business has the necessary income to stay in business long-term

The Beaver Theme does not have a free version and is only available as part of the Beaver Builder Pro Package.

Yes! Some links on this page are affiliate links. That means we could earn money should you purchase using our links. This in no way affects the suggestions. OwnWP only recommends products that members know, love, and trust.

Astra Pro Theme

  • $59/year for the theme alone (+$99 for Beaver Builder)
  • $169/year for theme + starter sites + Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder ($69 value)
  • $249/year for all of the above + Convert Pro ($99 value), Schema Pro ($59 value) and future plugins
  • Astra Pro Theme Pricing Details
    * Seasonal and Special Discount Codes are occasionally available!

Beaver Theme

  • $199/year for Beaver Theme and Beaver Builder (multisite capable)
  • $399/year for all of the above + additional multisite functions and white labeling
  • Beaver Theme Pricing Details
    * Seasonal and Special Discount Codes are occasionally available!

GeneratePress Theme Premium

  • $49.95 for the first year with a 40% renewal discount (+$99 for Beaver Builder)
  • GeneratePress Theme Pricing Details
    * Seasonal and Special Discount Codes are occasionally available!

Theme Pricing Conclusion

When you consider the cost of Beaver Builder along with the theme you can see that there is very little difference in the amount of investment theme to theme.

If we take a closer look at all the prices and options, GeneratePress comes out as the least expensive

However, when we look at the big picture and plan long-term and for the future, we reveal that the Astra Agency Bundle holds the highest value.



If you have spent any time online recently and evaluated websites, one thing is sure to stand out. Page speed matters. Page speed is the time it takes your web pages to load and be viewable for your visitors. Your theme plays an important role in your page speed and it is worthwhile to consider this when you are selecting a WP theme.

Additionally, poorly coded themes can increase page load time because of their inefficient and/or bloated code.

Thankfully, all three of the themes we are comparing are well coded and have no issues or cause for concern for us when it comes to page speed.

Theme Page Speed Conclusion

GeneratePress yielded consistently smaller page sizes during our testing. Keep in mind, even if we ran the same test on the same site time after time, our results would vary, so testing does not always provide reliable results.

The bottom line – load time differential between themes was not enough to distinguish a clear leader. All of the themes we tested fit well within standard guidelines.


Astra Pro Theme

  • Astra Pro Theme is the newest of the three themes and was released in 2017.
  • A newer theme has a newer code and therefore has no need to worry about backward compatibility yet.
  • Configuring the theme occurs in the WordPress Customizer.
  • Has the most options available within the Customizer than the other themes we compared.
  • Includes Woocommerce support with a highly styled and visually appealing cart menu.
  • Include Pro modules for:
    • Colors and Background,
    • Typography,
    • Spacing,
    • Blog Pro,
    • Mobile Header,
    • Header Sections,
    • Transparent Header,
    • Sticky Header,
    • Page Headers,
    • Custom Layouts,
    • Site Layouts,
    • Footer Widgets,
    • Scroll to Top,
    • WooCommerce,
    • LearnDash,
    • LifterLMS,
    • White Label
  • Pro modules are designed to provide detailed control over all site areas.
  • Pro modules can be individually activated.
  •  Astra Sites Addon allows you to import full starter websites with a few clicks to speed up development of niche type websites.
  • Additional customization available using Astra Hooks (free in the WPW repository)
  • Additional customization available using Visual Hooks (free in the WPW repository)

Beaver Theme

  • Released in 2016 – well after the Beaver Builder Page Builder (April 2014)
  • Light and simple as a framework
  • Designed for Beaver Builder by Beaver Builder
  • Unparalleled compatibility
  • Configuring the theme occurs in the WordPress Customizer.
  • Many options for customizing the website via the Customizer
  • Extensive hooks for customization


  • Existed before page builders became popular it is the oldest of the three themes
  • Released in 2014, and the first theme designed to work ideally with Page Builders.
  • A solid theme from a respected developer with a large userbase
  • Reliable code
  • Configuration options through the Customizer
  • The Premium version (which is actually a plugin) adds many independently activated modules
  • Premium modules give granular control over site features
  • Premium modules include:
    • Site Library,
    • Colors,
    • Typography,
    • Elements,
    • WooCommerce,
    • Menu Plus,
    • Spacing,
    • Blog,
    • Secondary Nav,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Sections,
    • Disable Elements,
    • Copyright,
    • Import/Export
  • Several of the premium modules duplicate page builder functionalities
  • An extensive list of hooks allows for detailed customization (some coding knowledge required)

Theme Features Conclusion

  • Astra is powerful but simple, which is a hard combination to execute effectively.
  • Beaver Theme is an excellent choice for simple websites and is especially convenient if you already have a license for it.
  • GeneratePress is a solid theme that can work well with most page builders.


ProductivityTypically there are three things you want as a designer and developer when it comes to theme support. First, support must be responsive,  reliable, and available. A good ticketing system is an extra plus. Next, a collection of helpful documentation online. Some sort of self-service knowledgebase or help area. Finally, a helpful user community. A strong user base can support the product and each other with extra help.


Astra has an easy to use support area with online documentation that steps through most of its features. However, the documentation could be better. They do have a support ticket system and an active Facebook community.

Beaver Theme

Support for the Beaver Theme is available through the Beaver Builder website form. They also offer a knowledge base of articles. Beaver Builder has an active Facebook community of other Beaver Builder users, only some of which are using the Beaver Theme. Additionally, there is a very large and active Slack group for Beaver product users.


GeneratePress provides excellent support. Interestingly, it is probably one of the smallest in terms of the number of people officially part of the company. GeneratePress uses a forum for support which has years of user submissions and answers. Most questions can be answered with a simple Google search. Their Facebook group is also very active and has thousands of members.

Theme Support Conclusion

GeneratePress has the best support of the three themes. Though Astra and Beaver Theme have good support overall, it is the responsive forum and Google indexed pages that make the support for GeneratePress a little better.

And the Winner is...

In terms of the criteria, the best theme for Beaver Builder is Astra Pro Theme.

Buy Astra Today

We're not the only ones who think Astra is the rising star among themes for use with page builders. Liquid Web’s managed WooCommerce team lead an exhaustive study which also resulted in recommending AstraPro. And iThemes hold an annual Beaver Builder Developers Course which resulted in the AstraPro recommendation!

In terms of price, speed, features, and support, the best theme for Beaver Builder is Astra. #Astra, #themes, #WordPress Click To Tweet

Astra Pro Theme is very easy to configure and has many, many options. The added extra bonus is the ability to import working, niche websites using Astra Sites. This feature alone makes choosing Astra as a foundational theme for websites within the WordPress web design and development industry practically a no-brainer. Include the long-term benefit and value of a lifetime license with the Astra Agency Package and you'll have a toolbox ready, willing, and able to grow your business.

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