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Every Online Business Needs Web Design Tools

When it comes to web design and development within your online business development, you normally have two options. You can put in a lot of time to learn to do it yourself, or you can spend your money and hire somebody with the expertise to do it for you. We have found that in most cases, start up businesses will often chose the time over money option. Mostly, because most start up companies have more time than money when they begin.

It is important to note here that we did not say you would not have to invest any money. It is inevitable that you will have to spend money. The question is how much and on what? The answer to which only you can decide after applying your own due diligence.

Best Web Design Tools

Many of the OWNWP members have chosen to spend their time and a little money to focus on building web design and development businesses. Others are simply using the web design and development industry as way to provide their business some immediate cashflow while building toward their ultimate business plan. In either case, the skills learned and the web design tools used during this process become invaluable and become an asset for any online business development.

We thought it was only appropriate to share a discount (and a great plug and promotion) for the one web design tool that has assisted us and catapulted many of our own online businesses right from the beginning.

That product is iThemes toolkit. Web Design Tools - iThemes ToolKit

The iThemes Toolkit is a web design tool and product that just continues to get better and better. By the end of 2012, the toolkit inventory included over 160 WordPress themes, at least 20 WordPress plug-ins and the entire WebDesign.com professional web design video/webinar training library. The library currently contains over 400 hours of video training for us to use and re-use. In addition, as a toolkit member, you will have access to and receive each and every new WordPress theme and plug-ins created and released by iThemes during your subscription year! (When and if you terminate your subscription you can still use what you have. You will simply no longer have access to any updates or releases.) You will have the ability to attend every new video webinar training throughout the entire next year. And if you miss a webinar, don't worry - every webinar is recorded and made available in the WebDesign.com video training library for you to view at your convenience.

OK OK... you are sold, so what is the big discount?

Normally $825 only $412.50 until Dec 21! Use Code: CHRISTMAS2012

ToolKit purchasers also get some additional perks from iThemes. For example, Toolkit members get 5GB of free storage within BackupBuddy Stash. (BackupBuddy Stash makes backing up your sites easier.) Discounts on live WebDesign.com training events and exclusive iThemes discounts and updates.

The web design tools included in iThemes Toolkit are unparalleled and the Toolkit purchase is an excellent value on your investment.

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