iThemes Tuesday Training – Bang or Bust?

Have you heard about the brand-new iThemes' Tuesdays training programs.

ithemes-tuesday"The new iThemes’ Tuesdays is not to say, this is the product, go buy the product.

This is, we’re going to show you some cool ways to use the product to accomplish practical tasks that you may have with your WordPress sites.”

~ Benjamin Bradley, aka The Professor

WebDesignYou can sign up through the schedule area. The events are similar to the paid membership webinars but are shorter in duration (about 15-30 minutes each), focus on very specific tasks within the program subject and are completely free. If you are beginner, you will want to attend them all. If you are an advanced WordPress user, you may still want to attend them all. It is common for the Professor to reveal things never seen before.

With their new program format, you attend four quick, easy and equally spaced webinars throughout the day. The events take place every other hour (currently at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm Central time), leaving you time in between each webinar to fit in all of your repeating or administrative type work.

All the Tuesday programs are recorded and can be replayed on YouTube (follow webdesignlibrary). There has also been rumor of another replay area right on their website.

To find out the entire day's program subject matter be sure to attend the first show every Tuesday morning. The original intent was to reveal the individual program subjects sometime on the Wednesday before each event, but it appears they might be having a little bit of a logistical issue with getting this information posted. Ideally, having this information ahead of time would give you an entire week to think about, prepare for and perhaps even assemble some questions to ask during the actual event or use the information to plan which particular events you want to attend to learn or brush up on skills.

iThemes Weekly Show

iThemesThe first webinar event in the brand-new iThemes' Tuesday format is the iThemes Weekly Show, every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Central Time. The new iThemes Weekly Show is all about iThemes tools, the Tuesday topics, other ideas, and of course, WordPress.

Join the Professor where he will take you behind the scenes for some of things taking place in the iThemes Dev studio. You can bet you'll get to meet a few of the dev people and very likely a few of the other iThemes yeam members, too. Be sure to register each week to catch up on the most up to date changes, discover what is trending and find out about some of the cool things that the team is working on that have not been revealed yet.

You can expect other WordPress news and information from around the WordPress world, like a recent fascinating post, a brand-new plug-in, or even possibly some plug-ins that you might not know about yet. The professor even has plans for question and answer sessions with guests from some of the  other WordPress communities.

The best part is that the Professor will be walking you through ways to do specific jobs, he'll demonstrate code, and he'll deconstruct exactly how plugins work so that you can better make use of that knowledge for yourself.

The iThemes Weekly Show is your catch-all occasion to learn exactly what's occurring within iThemes and WordPress as a whole. It will keep you current in these areas so that you have the resources and details you need for your very own design or development company.

Builder 101

Builder - an iThemes WordPress ThemeNext up on the agenda is the brand-new Builder 101 webinar event. Builder is iThemes premier WordPress theme that is the last theme any web developer should ever need. This event will be held each Tuesday at 1 p.m. Central Time and is not going to be a why you ought to use or get Builder Theme, but it will be an opportunity for the professor to demystify certain tasks that you didn't understand or possibly did not even know existed.

When it comes to Builder, this show is the one to provide you exactly what you need to know about themes.

If there is a particular topic you would like discussed or a specific task you wish to see accomplished, you can share it with the professor. If there is adequate interest, he will have the ability to prepare and plan to cover that topic in it's own separate show in an upcoming show.

Exchange Talk

ExchangeThe 3rd iThemes' Tuesday program is called Exchange Talk and will be held at 3 p.m. each Tuesday afternoon. As you could anticipate, the Exchange Talk webinar event will concentrated around the iTheme Exchange plugin, iThems recent eCommerce solution. Each week's webinar will focus on things relating directly to or integrating with the Exchange plugin.

This webinar event will delve into the plugin's setup, updates, add-ons, alternative options and use of the Exchange plugin over all. Get a more detailed look at subscriptions, online forums, shortcodes, or making use of the BBPress forum.

Like all the iThemes' Tuesday webinars, the weekly subject will be announced ahead of time.

BackupBuddy Explore

backupbuddy-125The 4th webinar of the iThemes' Tuesdays starts at 5 p.m. Central and is called BackupBuddy Explored. This webinar event explores the inner workings of BackupBuddy, an iThemes Plugin, so it can become your go-to tool for protecting and handling the security of your (and your customer's) website.

As changes occur to the BackupBuddy plugin, you can anticipate to have the cutting edge expertise you need. At the exact same time, you'll be having a look inside and completely grasp the information and importance of having the BackupBuddy system of migrations, backups, and restorations.

You have to sign up separately for each of the 4 webinars every Tuesday to access each specific program. Registrations to the iThemes' Tuesday webinars are all completely cost-free and attending does not require you to be a paid member.

Here's another little gee-whiz bit of information (perhaps the first of your insider knowledge?)... The Tuesday format is flexible and has room for additional time slots for some brand-new product launches.

Let us know in the comments if you think this type of show and format is worth your time investment. If not, what would work better for you?

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