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A-rollABC Summer School is the OWNWP school of website development theory. Our sessions are taught in a webinar style environment with 2 experienced instructors – Arelthia Phillips and Kerry Carron. You can learn more about ABC Summer School and watch a free preview webinar replay for more information or to start your enrollment.

If you are simply interested in what options are available to create a live website development area, the videos below offer information that stands alone.


In Session 1, we put together a local development area and started building our custom child theme for the summer school project.

To prepare for Session 2 of our ABC Summer School, we need to create a sub-domain to use for our live development area. We chose to use a sub-domain ( vs. a sub-directory ( for easier site and file management and to build upon and better clarify understanding of server file structure.

Child Theme Protection

We created our live development sub-domain in it's own cPanel because we own a server that allows us to create a separate cPanel for each of our sites. If you do not own a server that allows for, or you do not wish for your live development sites to be on, separate cPanels, you can still create a sub-domain on a single cPanel where you already have a domain. We have included a couple of quick videos for you so you can become more familiar with creating sub-domains for your own live development area.

How to add a live development area to an existing domain on a cPanel.

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How to create a new cPanel account if you have Web Hosting Management (WHM) capabilities.

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PROTIP: Adding a sub-domain name when you complete the domain field during the Create an Account process will create a cPanel account for a sub-domain. Be sure to choose a sub-domain name that is NOT already being used on the main domain as a path to existing content. Example: if you have - and themes is a directory, a page a post etc., you cannot use for your live development area.
Extra thanks to OWNWP member Barbara for volunteering to be the student during the create an account video.



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