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WordPress Developer Camp by WPStudio

The WordPress Developer Camp, The Developer Course, The Dev Course, or whatever name you know it by, is back. The course, taught by Benjamin Bradley, is an exclusive in-depth WordPress training experience that can now only be found within the membership walls of WPStudio. The ever-changing course had 16 occurrences starting back in 2010 – WAY …

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OwnWP Glossary Terms

What is an Aggregator?

An aggregator is client software or a web application that collects and gathers related items of content (data) and material from a variety of sources and displays or links to them. Related information that is grouped together can be collected from any number of locations like online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs). Once collected and organized, the information is available as syndicated …

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November Nudge Report

October 2018

Many freelancers use this time of year to revamp and renew their business structure, website, and sometimes even their dreams. It would seem that the third quarter is the beginning of changes in direction and businesses remolding. With that being said, we invite you to participate in the OwnWP annual survey. OwnWP has always been here …

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November 2018 Actionable Attitude

Actionable Attitudes

Did you like this post? If you did, here are 3 tips on how to pay it forward… 1. Post a comment and a link to one of your own related articles. 2. Post a comment about one of the articles on your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Include a link …

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OwnWP Glossary Terms

What is a Conversion Rate?

To fully understand what a conversion rate is, we must first understand what conversion is. A dictionary definition of conversion is the act or an instance of converting or the process of being converted. In marketing, the act typically applies to a potential prospect or lead and the instance typically applies to the moment they convert from being …

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Recent Webinars

Integrate SEO PowerSuite Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Tools of the Trade Webinar - SEO Power Suite

In Digital Marketing, we need data to know WHAT to do next. Not only do we need DATA it has to be actionable. We need to ensure we discover as many issues within a website as possible and use the easiest, most useful tools available like SEO PowerSuite. In this webinar, …

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What Is Location Marketing and How Does It Work?

Location Marketing Explained

Location Marketing (or maybe you’ve heard it referred to as Google Map Marketing) is when you market your business through, and leverage, Google Maps. This strategy makes use of Google Maps’ functionality to make your business easier to find when your products or services are being searched for in search …

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Amazing Ways To Use Fonts and Font Icons

Harness the Power of Fonts and Font Icons

For many WordPress site users and developers, the ability to add custom fonts can be an overwhelming endeavor. You might be thinking about simply using a quick WordPress plugin or slapping some “import” code into your theme’s stylesheet and believe that it is enough. But for a truly optimized and fine-tuned …

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Who Wants 3 – 5 New Leads Every Week?

Email Marketing with ActiveCampaign

This Tools of the Trade webinar is really all about marketing. Marketing is about growing your business and scaling your business. If you are not thinking about the scalability of your business, the hard cold truth is you are probably are building a hobby and not a business. A business’ goal …

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Simplifying GDPR

In this webinar, we sort through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, rant about some of the lunacy, and get down with some straight talk about how to make the best of GDPR. It is especially important to note: This is not legal advice. This is GENERAL information only. Every situation …

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