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What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

A Blog was originally referred to as a weblog. Over time, the word weblog became truncated and shortened to just blog. The easiest way to describe what it is is to think of it as an online journal or informational pages on the internet. A blog typically displays information in the reverse chronological order from which each post …

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December 2018

Actionable Attitudes

Did you like this post?Let us know! Surround yourself with like-minded freelancers.We invite you to join us often,possess an actionable attitude,and make an impact on other’s lives, OwnWP is the place we’ll be so…Connect, Network, and Thrive!

November Nudge Report

Nudge Report – November 2018

Our viewers are important to us and we want to make sure that we are providing you with what you want and need when you visit. We will shift direction as needed based on your feedback, but we need your input! The future of OwnWP depends on it. OwnWP End of Year Survey A Look Back …

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Web Application

What is a Web Application?

Any computer program that performs a specific function by using a browser as its client is considered a web application, also known as a web app. The computer software is typically stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser interface. Web apps can be referred to as user-server computer programs. Both the user interface and user-side logic …

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WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder

What’s the Best Theme for Beaver Builder?

With the growing rate of Page Builder popularity in the World of WordPress, you might be wondering what, if any, role do WordPress Themes fulfill? WordPress Themes in the World of Page Builders If you’re going to use a page builder like Beaver Builder to handle the design of your website, the role of the …

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Blog Topics

Recent Webinars

Missinglettr Doesn’t Miss Anything

Missinglettr Doesn't Miss Anything

What is Missinglettr? Missinglettr is an easy and fast way to promote website content that you are posting to your website. It helps you to create social media campaigns, schedule social media posts and drip your content out to your social media network. The intent of a social media campaign …

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The Tools of Big Fluffy

Tools of Big Fluffy

This is a look at the collection of web development tools and services that Big Fluffy has determined most useful to use within the structure of his freelance business. Tools and services including domain registrar, hosting options, email, and several in the security and time management areas are discussed. You’ll want …

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Creating a Base Build for Website Development Efficiency

Building a Base for Development Efficiency

This Web Wonders webinar follows Hugh Smith through his website Base Build. A website base build is not designed for use as the final website, nor is it a “ready to launch” website. The base build is simply a build used to start a new development project. Once the development …

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RSS Tips and Tricks

RSS Tricks and Tips

RSS makes a computer readable document accessible through a document referred to as a “feed”, “web feed”, or “channel”. RSS is the abbreviation for  Really Simple Syndication. For a deeper understanding of RSS, we recommend starting your research about what RSS is and how it works, by visiting What is RSS? Finding RSS …

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Do You Really Need WordPress?

Do You Really Need WordPress

This webinar will touch on the history of WordPress and some of the not so common ways that WordPress is currently being used. We’ll also look more closely at some of the alternative options that are available, besides WordPress. It should go without saying that WordPress is the powerhouse that is …

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