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Blog Topics

Making WordPress Better

World Class Tools Now Available in WordPress

WordPress @ Work - Continual Changes, Regular Improvements The WordPress Date/Time component – the code that manages date, time, and timezone functionality interestingly still includes code that dates back to PHP 4 times. One of the maintainers from the Netherlands (whose name I cannot pronounce) even mentioned that it wasn't until last year that he
Take the Headache Out of Video Production

ScreenFlow: Simplifying Your Video Production Process

In general, Screenflow is pretty easy to learn. Once you understand the basics you can do some pretty complex things quite simply. And if you don't already know the basics, ScreenFlow has a resources page that breaks down their video tutorials into some fundamental areas. Getting Started Record Edit Export and Share The editing section,
WP 5.1.1 Release and ScreenFlow Discount

WordPress Now Powers Over 1/3rd of the Top 10 Million Sites

WordPress @ Work - WP News that Makes a Difference WordPress has managed to hit an unprecedented new milestone. According to W3Techs, WordPress now powers over 1/3rd (33.4%) of the top 10 million sites on the web increasing exponentially from 29.9% only one year ago. Interestingly, that is more than 60% of the market share,
Nudge Jan 2015

Nudge Report – April 2015

There are no fools in April's Nudge Report. April's report edition uncovers who starts with a strategic review, what to do to make your website "mobile friendly", where to start when searching for great business software, when code can increase your site speed, why blogs are essential to business', and how to get started growing
SEO - One Page, One Term

Hate SEO?

“One page, one term.” Simply taking the time to pick a solid keyword for every marketing page on your site (blog posts included) can go a long way in giving these pages shelf life. ~ HelpScout
Nudge Jan 2015

Nudge Report – March 2015

March's Nudge Report is packed full of pro-tips.  This edition reveals, what to look for in a WordPress backup system, where to find great clients, when to ask yourself if you have too many plugins, why WordPress is easy to learn, and how to choose the right WordPress plugin for your need. WHO? Who is a writer, copywriter,