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What is Analytics?

Analytics is the general term for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of patterns in data. Data can be collected from places like websites, landing page campaigns, emails, paid Google AdWords, forms, social media, and more. The collected data (the analytics) relies on a combination of statistics, computer programming, and operational research to measure a value or component of performance expressed in numbers …

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WordPress Developer Camp by WPStudio

The WordPress Developer Camp, The Developer Course, The Dev Course, or whatever name you know it by, is back. The course, taught by Benjamin Bradley, is an exclusive in-depth WordPress training experience that can now only be found within the membership walls of WPStudio. The ever-changing course had 16 occurrences starting back in 2010 – WAY …

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What is an Aggregator?

An aggregator is client software or a web application that collects and gathers related items of content (data) and material from a variety of sources and displays or links to them. Related information that is grouped together can be collected from any number of locations like online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs). Once collected and organized, the information is available as syndicated …

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October 2018 Nudge Report

Nudge Report October 2018

Many freelancers use this time of year to revamp and renew their business structure, website, and sometimes even their dreams. It would seem that the third quarter is the beginning of changes in direction and businesses remolding. With that being said, we invite you to participate in the OwnWP annual survey. OwnWP has always been here …

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November 2018 Actionable Attitude

Actionable Attitudes

Did you like this post?Let us know! The path to success begins with a thriving community. Join us often.Possess an actionable attitude.Find your passion and drive. OwnWP is the place we’ll be so… Connect, Network, and Thrive!

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Recent Webinars

How To Get the Most Out Of the Members Area

Inside the Members Area

In today’s Network News & MeetUp we’ll review WordPress community news during our WordPress @ Work segment,  share the latest WordPress plugin vulnerabilities, and dive into the OwnWP member’s area. WordPress @ Work As you know, Implementing Gutenberg editor is an ongoing project that the WordPress core developers have split up into …

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Counteracting Potential Client Complications

Preventing Client Problems

Clients can be the best and worst part of running a WordPress business. While it’s impossible to avoid client problems entirely, many of them can be short-circuited before they happen. In this webinar, we learn the strategies and practices to help us prevent the most common problems freelancers face when …

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Don’t Buy Another Project Management Until You Try Trello

Trello for Project Management

What is Trello? Trello is a collaboration tool that you can use to manage almost any area of business or your personal life. In this webinar, we’ll focus on using Trello for web design project management. But Trello is in no way limited to web design management uses. In fact, it …

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Building Upon Our Community and Connections

Council and Connections

In today’s Monday MeetUp we’ll tell you what we know about using WordPress @ Work (minutes),  explain a little bit about where OwnWP community members hang out, what makes up the OwnWP population, and go into a little bit of one-on-one help providing a couple of community connections. OwnWP General …

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OwnWP Road Map for Monday Meet Ups

Path yo Success

OwnWP has some lofty plans for 2019 and will be taking every advantage of the mind shift that accompanies every new year. It never ceases to amaze us that as the new year gets ushered in everyone is somehow able to clearly define that there are always changes to be made. What …

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