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Online education is booming, whether the method is formal or informal. People like and want to take online courses. As a result, many schools, businesses, and individuals offer these learning opportunities. This type of courses gives students options they may not otherwise have but it also means there is more competition among course providers.

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You're going to fall in love with this video creator because it gives you the ability to create a ton of high-quality videos FAST!


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You work hard to create your audio and video course content. The last thing you want is for it to be stolen. You need a solution that will allow your clients easy access to the content, and an optimal listening and/or viewing experience.

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Happy Joe is excited to announce we have partnered with Life Flip Media to tell the warrior's story and work together for veteran advocacy efforts.
James Dalman, CEO and Founder of Happy Joe, is speaking at the Military Influencer Conference, October 22-24, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

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If you are reading this post you already understand the benefits of a mobile app, but there are many things to consider before taking the plunge.

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Military spouses are great remote workers and contractors. We give you five reasons why military spouses make the best freelancers to work with on projects.

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OWNWP is a network of like-minded WordPress designers and developers continually learning from one another, helping each other, and building better businesses together. If you are a designer or developer and want to get noticed – Connect. Network. Thrive! Our members encourage you to read, comment and share this content.


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