Nudge Report – November 2017

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Happy Joe

You need to be aware of the pitfalls of crowdsourcing your logo, designs, or website.

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Video marketing is booming online. Sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Google+ can be perfect places to upload videos and share them with an eager audience. However, many marketers are still not creating marketing videos for their business because they think it will be far too complicated or expensive. The truth?

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Note, this is not the exciting 2.0 release with mobile-first and Grid CSS integration. This update creates an easier way of handling custom post type templates and more.

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Online marketing has been seen by many as a “modern gold rush.” So let's clear up some confusion. From now on I will refer to online marketing as digital marketing. What Is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing can be defined as the art and science of promoting brands, businesses, products and/or services through one or more forms of online marketing.

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Kerry Carron

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A website of your own is the most important marketing tool any modern business can have. It should be treated as the hub around which all your marketing activities will be centered. All of your marketing efforts need to drive traffic back to your site so your target audience can see all of the products and service you have to offer.

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Video marketing is booming these days, and no site is bigger than YouTube for video. In fact, it is one of the top 5 websites in the world now and shows no sign of slowing down. This means more and more business owners will be publishing content on YouTube.

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WP Content Marketing Niche

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When the latest version of WordPress (4.9) was released, it also contained a strange little bug that was introduced with some of the modifications to the internal “file editor” in WordPress.

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Audio player plugins for WordPress give you the chance to offer audio files, audiobooks, and podcasts to your website. This adds variety to blog content and can also take the burden off busy business owners, who might not have the time or writing skills to produce lots of posts to keep their blogs filled with the kind of interesting items that will keep their target audiences coming back for more.

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