Nudge Report – May 2017

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WPStudio - Week of May 1-5

Week of May 1-5

Pushed out v1.9.6.4 of Voce Theme which fixes a header URL to work better with SSL and non-SSL sites.

OWNWP – Actionable Attitude

WPStudio - PODS Webinar (1 of 3)

Replay of the Introduction to Pods Webinar

2D WebSolutions – PodCast: The Must Have Final Steps to the Solution Proces

So far our solution process has had us…

Upon completion of the 2D Solution Process (Episode 18), you will have a viable service or product to offer our clients.

WPStudio – Password Rest Vulnerability

Understanding the Current ‘Password Reset’ Vulnerability Exposed in WordPress

Kerry Carron – One Page Wonder

I call this one "The One Page Wonder." This scenario hints at Scope Creep. It is a "red flag" warning of what you'll likely encounter throughout your project with this type of client if you don't set and stick to some business boundaries.

Posted by Kerry Carron on Friday, May 5, 2017

WPStudio - SMTP Fix

SMTP Studio (v0.9.3) released to fix a hostname issue discovered in WordPress.

2D Web Solutions – Infographic: Taking the Last Steps of the Solution Process

Crucial Concluding Action to the Solution Process

WPStudio – Balancing Life

5 Ways to Regain Balance When Life Goes Upside Down

Week of May 8-12

Kerry Carron – Note to Self

2D Web Solutions – Video: Worry Free Finishing Touches to the Solution Process

WPStudio – SparkPost

Using SparkPost with SMTP Studio

Kerry Carron - Discover How You Can Make This Fig-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Freelancers still gotta eat, right?

WPStudio – Quote

“Never Mistake Activity for Achievement.”

What New Features are in WordPress 4.8?

OWNWP – This is What Mothers Do

Mother's Day 2017

Ultimate Solution – Not Always Eye to Eye, But Always Heart to Heart

Ultimate-Solution - Mother's Day 2017

Kerry Carron – What Every Daughter Ought to Know About Their Mother

Kerry Carron - Mother's Day 2017

WPStudio – Voce Theme

Voce Theme (v1.9.6.6) released yesterday with an update to the admin branding palette.

WPStudio – Loop Studio

The NEW Loop Studio plugin (v 1.8.10) is out and available in member’s Account Areas. See today’s video webinar for more information.

WPStudio – The Body Class

The Power of the Body Class in WordPress

WPStudio – WordPress 4.7.5

WordPress 4.7.5 has been released

2D Web Solutions – Transcript: Discover the Conclusion to the Solution Process

The Conclusion to the Solution Process

WPStudio – Dashicons

Using Dashicons in WordPress Theme

Ultimate Solution – Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Take Action

Opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.

WPStudio – Week od May 22-26

Week of May 22-26

WPStudio – Voce Update

Voce Theme (v1.9.7.2) updated to include a new code snippet area, rewritten header title tag implementation, and code and typo fixes.

WPStudio - Code Studio Release

Code Studio (v1.1) has been released. Now including Sass preprocessing, integrated debugging, and simplified conditional logic.

Kerry Carron – Finding Food for Freelancers

Home Che Recipe Categories

Memorial Day 2017 - From around the web.


Memorial Day 2017 - Ultimate SOlution, LLCMemorial Day Card - KC 2017

Memorial Day 2017

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