Nudge Report – March 2018

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April's Scheduled Webinars

April 2nd: Increasing Business Income April 9th: The Art of the Skyscraper Page April 16th: Email Marketing April 23rd: Sass, Codekit & WordPress

April 30th: Marketing to the "Aha" Moment

OWNWP Webinars Replays from March 2018

In today's webinar, Mike audits a page from one of his clients' sites. We go through the entire process using SEO Quake, Quix, and SEO Centro to determine what kinds of changes may need to be made to better optimize this particular landing page.
Ok, how many of you just looked up that word? We did. You know the quote... But do you know what the real matrix is? Hugh Smith gives a presentation that will cover some "know your rights" type topics - i.e. why you may want to consider changing your legal status from "U.S. citizen" to ...

OWNWP's Actionable Attitude for March – Take Action Today!

Take Action Today!

OwnWP Member March Activity

WP Studio

On Tuesday, members will be looking at how to accept and manage cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) within their small businesses. We?ll cover the pros and cons as well as recommendations to consider. On Wednesday, we dive into what it takes to "live well" as a freelancer without losing your sanity. The website is also...

PinTop Solutions

Collecting email addresses is essential in order to run a successful business online. Your own in-house email list allows you to contact the people interested in your business or industry whenever you wish. Some marketers compare email marketing to an ATM machine, because every time they send an email, they make money...

WP Studio


WP Studio

I?ve got a special weekend discount for members of AND potential new members. (And for those that have been around, you know I don?t give these out very often.) This weekend only (starting from the point I publish this post), you can use the coupon SPRING2018 to get 35% off renewals and/or new memberships.?

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