Nudge Report – March 2017

nudge |nəj| verb [with object]

prod (someone) gently in order to draw their attention to something: Read the Nudge Report

  • touch or push (something) gently or gradually: The Nudge Report nudged active member's content toward readers
  • coax or gently encourage (someone) to do something: The Nudge Report nudges readers in the right direction and encourages them to visit and comment Nudge Report resources.
  • approach (an age, figure, or level) very closely: Nudge Report readers are nudging business knowledge, authority, and credibility by engaging with active member content.

Nudge Your Way To Success

Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Take Action - Ultimate Solution, LLC

The post Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Take Action appeared first on Ultimate Solution, LLC.

Developing Solutions That Solve Problems - 2D Web Solutions
This episode is a follow-up from our last episode which was all about being able to pinpoint problems. We took you through some steps to help you better identify your clients and the problems that are causing them the most amount of pain. We determined that solving the problem that created the most amount of pain will provide those clients with the biggest impact – and that the biggest impacts can be life changing. Now it's time to begin the solution process.

Playtime Approximately 20 minutes

Developing Solutions That Solve Problems

Image attribution to 

The 2D Solution Process

Voce Theme – WPStudio

Voce Theme 1.8.7 released with an update removing any aspect of attribution in the footer area.

Why client work sucks as a freelancer. It might not be what you think! – Happy Joe

Why Client Work Sucks. It Could Be You!

Note to Self - Mar 2017 - Kerry Carron

The post Note to Self – Mar 2017 appeared first on Kerry Carron.

Actionable Attitudes - O W N W P

Take Action with the Attitude!

Design Your Business to Be Simple – Happy Joe

Week of March 13-17 – WPStudio

Webinar replays available to WPStudio members.

Week of March 13-17

SEO Silo Structuring Webinar  - O W N W P
This is the second episode in an ongoing SEO Digital Marketing Series. Mike Clay returns to explain the structure and importance of an SEO Silo designed for digital marketing. The webinar replay is available for OWNWP members holding Bronze level membership and above.

Playtime Approximately 60 minutes

Webinar Replay


Happy Joe Launches the New Website - Happy Joe

Happy Joe Launches!

Week of March 20-24– WPStudio
Webinar replays available to WPStudio members.

Week of March 20-24

It Happens - Kerry Carron
Playtime Approximately 1 minutes

Posted by Kerry Carron on Monday, March 20, 2017

Code Studio Release - WPStudio

Code Studio (version 0.7.9) has been released into the Member’s Account area.

Finding The Right Digital Marketing Team is Critical to Your Success – Happy Joe

Week of March 27-31 – WPStudio
Webinar replays available to WPStudio members.

Week of March 27-31

I pushed a small (v1.8.9) update to the Voce Theme in preparation for the upcoming larger 1.9 version.

Read Last Month's Nudge Report - Feb 2017 - O W N W P

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