Nudge Report – June 2018

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Webinars Scheduled for July

July 2nd: The Power of Fonts & Font Icons July 9th: WP Marketing Tweaks July 16th: Optimize Your Marketing July 23rd: HTTPS-ify Your Localhost July 30th: Progress with Productivity

OWNWP Webinar Replays for June

June was a rough month for OwnWP webinars. Unfortunately, we ran into a number of issues which prevented us from being able to present three of the four scheduled webinars. We experienced presenters getting locked out of their house accidentally while taking out the trash, illnesses, and urgent family needs.

Ironically, that is what we as freelancers often must endure - coping with things when they don't quite go as planned, regrouping, and pressing on. And so it goes. Some good news resulting from our less than desirable webinar circumstances is that we were able to better streamline our webinar cancelation process and notifications. We apologize for the inconvenience of the cancelations and thank you for your support and understanding through the experience.

Two of the webinar topics – Fonts and HTTPS'ify Your Localhost – have been rescheduled to occur in July. The third webinar, List Building, was compressed and covered in the Email Marketing Tools of the Trade webinar and presented in June.

This Tools of the Trade webinar is really all about marketing. Marketing is about growing your business and scaling your business. If you are not thinking about the scalability of your business, the hard cold truth is you are probably are building a hobby and not a business.

OWNWP Actionable Attitude for June - Take Action!

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OwnWP Member Activity from June


A few years ago, web development was a cumbersome task. Being a web developer meant spending hours coding from scratch ? writing the code on a whiteboard until it was approved with no errors. If errors happened, it meant going back to the raw code and trying to edit the wrong lines.

Happy Joe

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Last Month's OwnWP Nudge Report

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