Nudge Report – Feb 2017

The OWNWP Nudge Report promotes OWNWP members websites, work, and activities – providing you with resources and a network for you to help your business be successful. Members helping others – collaborating, networking, and supporting one another. Though the format has changed, the message remains the same. OWNWP has always been, and will always be, about helping its members grow.

February's Fabulous Action Takers

Jan McClintock - Pinterest BB Appreciation Board
In honor of the "Professor," Benjamin, @BB, and all other appropriate monikers, we present our blessings.

Appreciation Board for BB

2D WebSolutions - Podcast & Video

Pinpointing the Perfect Problem

Start the Soulution Process – Learn How to Identify the Problem


OWNWP - Actionable Attitudes
The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well. ~ Henry W. LongfellowTalent of Success

Webinar using Zoom and the WPStudio chat room. The mini-coaching sessions kick off. The first of multiple plugins released to the WPStudio community along with their introduction webinars. The full library and schedule sections of the WPStudio community released.

2D Web Solutions - Infographic

Step-by-Step Guide to Pinpointing Problems

OWNWP - Webinar & Replay
From SEO to Digital Marketing

Revealing the Hidden Features of WPRemote

Kerry Carron - The Gift of Love  – Have a Little Cup of Love
Coffee is one of those things that keeps web designers and developers going. There are many nights we are up into the wee hours; busy working lines of code, or troubleshooting to get our client’s websites just right. Then there are mornings – all of which seem to feel like a Monday – but we know we... (Read the rest of the thought)

The Gift of Love

OWNWP - What Can a Day Bring?
We'd Love you to come join our membership. It's Sweet! Our members "treat" your with the love, respect, and understanding that every freelancer wants. We share lots of "cookies" of great information for you to learn, teach, and share with others – helping you to grow your business from wherever you are to wherever you...

What Can a Day Bring?

2D Web Solutions - Action Plan

Identify and validate your customer’s pain to begin a solution process. @kerrycarron @arelthia Click To Tweet

Two webinars this week: Loop Studio widget plugin and How to Build Modals from scratch. The coaching sessions continue. The third plugin, Loop Studio, is releasing into the WPStudio community this week. You Code for People, not Machines - You can pick up a print of this manifesto over on Is there anything you would add or remove from this manifesto?

Kerry Carron - It Happens

Yes – It Really Happens!

Posted by Kerry Carron on Monday, February 20, 2017

Loop Studio (version 0.5.4) has been released to the Toolbox.

Cloudflare Security Precaution Alert

Three webinars this week: Introducing the new Voce Theme, Conditional Logic being applied to menus, and how far a backup and remote management tool has come. I’m also doing a free webinar on WPRemote for the community.

Update v1.8.6 for the Voce Theme that fixes enqueued asset versions and two additional tweaks.

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