Nudge Report – April 2017

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nudge |nəj| verb [with object] – prod (someone) gently in order to draw their attention to something: Read, comment, and share the information.

There's A Quick Cure For Perplexity And It Is Right In Your Nudge Report

OWNWP – Actionable Attitudes

Take Action with this Attitude

2D Web Solutions – Brilliant Strategy to Selecting Your Product or Service to Develop

Ultimate Solution – Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Take Action

WPStudio – Removing Buttons from TinyMCE

Removing Buttons from TinyMCE


Voce Theme (v1.9.5.4) released with enhanced conditional controls and Code Studio (v0.9.8) released with preview system implemented.

Kerry Carron – How to Take the Headache Out of Taxes

Take the stress out of taxes.

OWNWP – Happy Easter

WPStudio – Using CSS Columns

Using CSS Columns for Better Content Layout

Promo Studio v0.8.4 released into the Account Toolbox. Also, check out the intro video in the Training Library.

2D Web Solutions – Do You Struggle With Determining which Product or Service to Develop?

WordPress – 4.7.4 Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.7.4 Maintenance Release

WPStudio – Benjamin had a busy week with lots of changes and improvements.

WordPress 4.7.4 Released

Voce Theme Supports Beaver Themer

Week of April 24-28

Taking Control of the WordPress Auto Paragraph Tag

Eliminating the JUMP from WordPress Read More Link

2D Web Solutions – Determine Which Product or Service to Develop

Kerry Carron – Home Chef Everyone Needs to Eat, Right?

Unpacking Our First Delivery (Read the Article)
Preparing Our First Meal (Read the Article)

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