Why We Use Rank Tracker (and Maybe You Should Too)

Rank Tracker is a fast, easy, and effective, dual-purpose digital marketing tool.

5 Star Keyword Research and Rank Tracker Tool

As you would expect, its name indicates one of its purposes, rank tracking. In addition, the tool monitors your, or your client’s, website rank. This tool can be used as an integral part of your research process. Rank Tracker will identify the keywords that will have the most impact in attracting ideal clients to your websites.

Rank Tracker Features

Using Rank Tracker for Keyword Research and Identifying Traffic-generating Keyphrases

Rank Tracker provides keyword research and analytics.Every freelance digital marketer knows that a strong digital marketing strategy needs to begin with keyword research.

Keyword Research

Your keywords must have the right balance in three main areas in order to attract the right traffic.

  1. Search volume
  2. Relevancy
  3. Competition

The purpose of knowing the appropriate keywords for your, or your client’s, website is to ensure that you are attracting the type of visitors that you want - the traffic that converts - visitors that become clients or customers.

Traffic-Generating Keywords

Smart freelance digital marketers are constantly and consistently expanding the list of keywords that their websites rank for.

To help you locate the most traffic-generating industry-related keywords, Rank Tracker uses 17 keyword research mechanisms. When you use the software you’ll be exposed to new places from which to pull traffic. Places that you’ve likely never thought of before.

Rank Tracker - Keyword Research


The App analyzes and reveals your search volume, calculates relevancy using the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI - the most reliable formula tool used to identify the effectiveness and value of each keyword), and compares the competition.

Rank Tracker additionally pulls data directly from Google Analytics providing you with even more information about your keywords, like, how many visitors you're are attracting and what the bounce rate is for each keyword. And, if that isn’t enough, if you are implementing Pay Per Click (PPC) with your digital marketing, your efforts are certain to be more productive as these systems work together and compliment one another beautifully.

Rank Tracker Digs Deep Into Search Engines

Rank Tracker for Rank Monitoring and Traffic Reporting

The continual assessment of your website's keywords can determine how well your website is performing and is crucial to an effective digital marketing campaign.

Monitor Your Website Rank

A Powerful Rank Monitoring Tool

Monitor (to be able to take action when needed) your rank.It is normal for websites to have an ebb and flow, but being able to measure, track, report, and have actionable tasks associated with these fluctuations results in a more effective and efficient digital marketing process.

With Rank Tracker, you have the ability to streamline your digital marketing workflow. It helps you create a unique and niche-targeted plan to ensure your process is the most effective optimization strategy for your needs.

Rank Tracker gathers data and produces a concise, easy to understand. report of the ups and downs of website rankings. These reports are perfect to send to your clients, and clear enough for your clients to understand your process and get the big picture regarding their digital marketing investment.

Monitoring your websites is more than just watching what page you show up on in Google, so Rank Tracker monitors sites across more than 400 international and local search engines.

View and compare your competition with Rank Tracker

In addition to monitoring YOUR websites, Rank Tracker also keeps an eye on and compares your competitor's website performance to yours. They go farther and monitor site universal search result blocks, including videos, images, news, shopping, and places, to name a few. You can even collect data using locations for geo-location searches.

Rank monitoring is easy when you've got Rank Tracker because keeps a history of every keyword and monitoring is set and automated to make your work easier. All of the data is collected, remembered, presented for comparison, and available in a professional report format.

Top Notch Traffic Reporting

Rank Tracker creates easy to read reports for you and your clients.

The reporting ability is one of the most impressive features of the Rank Tracker Software. A drag-and-drop editor allows you to generate unlimited layout variations of professional-looking, high-quality reports.

Your reports are completely customizable. You decide what information to share with your clients and include in your reports. The style of your report can be branded with your logo and your company colors. Client details are easily added, as are your contact details – and we’re just brushing the surface here.

Reports may be saved and downloaded in HTML or PDF formats. Email them to your clients or if you want your client to be able to view their report online, simply upload it to your website and send them the link! Heck, you can even print them and send them via snail mail if that is your preference. For your convenience, Rank Tracker also provides export capabilities in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL formats.

Rank TrackerWhat We've Learned Using Rank Tracker

Reliable reporting is key to executing digital marketing campaigns that will yield results. And, keyword tracking is one of the most influential reporting metrics at our disposal.

Once we understand our client’s competitors and their customers, we could develop personalization strategies to help grow their businesses.

Even if we are using other tools for your keyword research, Rank Tracker is powerful as a keyword monitoring tool.

Rank Tracker's GeolocationOur favorite Rank Tracker features.

  • Unlimited tracking: No per client limitations. Rank Tracker gives us an unlimited number of keywords to track.
  • Unlimited geolocation: We can as deep as we need to for our client. Select by country, state, city, or address. Rank Tracker allows us to track national and local keyword positions.
  • Keyword analysis: Calculates keyword difficulty. No more guessing. We know exactly which keyword to use. Rank Tracker prioritizes and chooses the best keywords for targeting.
  • Reporting: Automated keyword reports. Tracking our competitors. Choosing when to send reports to our client – the same time, every month, week, or day.

Full-service digital marketing services require our clients to understand what their rank means and it's relevance to other digital marketing metrics. Reports provide our clients with a visual view, or picture, of their top keywords that attract traffic and provide suggestions regarding ways to track competitors.

Rank Tracker Provides Professional Reports

Having all of the keyword data in a single report provides our clients with the "big picture". They "see" the extent of the work that has been done as well as understand what needs to happen next.

Rank Tracker is a fast, easy, and effective digital marketing tool. It offers impressive ease of use and flexibility in organizing and filtering data while maintaining a high level of accuracy with its ran monitoring and reporting.

Are You Ready to Buy Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker software is available and sold as a stand-alone digital marketing product or as part of a suite of digital marketing tools.

There are currently three stand-alone editions of the Rank Tracker tool from which to choose – Free, Professional, and Enterprise. As it is with most Apps, the Free version has fewer features than the Professional version and the Professional version has fewer options than the Enterprise version.

Compare the Rank Tracker Plans


The app is appropriately priced as a stand-alone tool and is a fantastic value. The pricing cost is a one-time purchase. No recurring payments and no subscription - view Rank Tracker pricing. You also get 6 months subscription to Search Algorithm Updates for free with your purchase. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing so updates are needed for proper interaction between the search engines and the tool. After 6 months, the Search Algorithm Updates are offered on a paid basis (the longer you buy for, the less expensive the monthly cost).

The Rank Tracker digital marketing tool is also available as part of the SEO PowerSuite. When you purchase it as part of the SEO PowerSuite, the value for the investment is even more impressive.

The suite includes Rank Tracker, Website Auditor (on-page SEO and content optimization), SEO SpyGlass (backlink finder & link quality assessment) and Link Assistant (link research & management) digital marketing software.

If you are not quite sure yet or not committed to making a purchase, feel free to download and try a free copy of Rank Tracker – test it, use it, and see for yourself how this tool can simplify your digital marketing efforts.

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