What is a Blog?

A Blog was originally referred to as a weblog. Over time, the word weblog became truncated and shortened to just blog.

The easiest way to describe what it is is to think of it as an online journal or informational pages on the internet. A blog typically displays information in the reverse chronological order from which each post was published. This means that the latest posts appear first and at the top of the blog's main webpage.

Blogs can be written by a single writer or a group of writers. Writers can share their views on an individual subject or deliver engaging content on a variety of topics. Blog posts, by design, should be timely and conversational in style. Common blog goals are to attract organic growth of traffic, invite and engage visitors, cultivate your company or brand.

Blogs have evolved over time. But, most blogs include some standard features and structure including a header with navigation menu, the main content area, social sharing elements, a call to action (CTA), a footer area with standard links to a disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms information.

Many people have integrated their blog into their websites. In this case, the website is typically broken up into two types of content: web pages that deliver information on the company, and blog posts that deliver content.

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