Search Engine Ranking: Rising to the Top

Are you interested higher search engine ranking? Are you ready to learn about what you need to do to get your website to appear higher in Google's search engine results?

Bear with me as I attempt to oversimplify the Google search engine in terms anyone can understand (this may prove to be a major feat). My goal is to provide enough information for others to be able to make educated decisions with how to handle your approach toward ranking better with Google.

Higher Search Engine Ranking Requires the Sum of All Google Parts

Google and all of its services are layers of information that work together. Ranking in their search results (and staying ranked high) requires research, application, consistency and time placing what you need, when and where you need it online.

Market research completed upfront should result in a solid understanding of keywords and key phrases. When applied and combined with consistency over time, these words or groups of words tell the world about you, your website information, and builds your online authority, as well as your online reputation.

When all of these elements are configured ideally and work together, it is known in the industry as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Applying and configuring SEO elements is not difficult but it is a lot of detail work and takes a lot of time. SEO is not an inexpensive service…BUT it is necessary if you want to have high-ranking search results.

Ranking in a Google search result consists of 3 basic areas for Google: a Google paid advertising program, Google Places (a local search and Google Maps listing) and Google page rank. The approach and key to ranking high in any of these areas is achieved with a completely separate set of actions from any of the others. Let's take a look at a search result page.

Paid Search Engine Ranking with Google Paid Advertisements

On any Google search, the first area of results you see (the shaded peachy pink background area) is the paid advertising results. People pay Google to have their information show up in this area. The paid search results are followed by Google Places/Maps local search results. Google Places, when displayed, will only display on the first page of the results. Google Places results will also display only if a minimum number of searches for the term that was searched are found. The third group of Google search results follows the Google Places results and is the Google page rank results.

 Search Engine Ranking for Tierra Del Sol Auto

At the time of this original post, Google paid advertising program was about to transform with a major change and, therefore, will not be discussed in this article.

Local Search Engine Ranking with Google Places

Google Places is a local ranking and is integrated with Google Maps. Much of its ranking is accomplished with the information that is entered on your actual Places listing.  Your business ownership is verified by phone or postcard sent to you from Google. Verification establishes your ability to edit and add the information to your Google Places listing. Placing and using your keywords and key phrases through this area is integral to higher search engine ranking within Google Places.

Keep in mind, this ranking information is only used within the Google Places (and Google Maps) part of the search result. It has nothing to do with search engine page rank results. In addition, rank in the local market is established not only by processing the format of the information you provide about your business on your Google Places business listing but also by reviews and interaction from you with the comments you get through a Google Places page created by your Google Places listing.

Organic Search Engine Ranking...The Third Part of the Equation

Google search engine page rank, also known as organic search results, is the third part of the Google search results equation. This is the part of the Google results that shows up AFTER the Google places area in a search result and is the one that most business owners wish to achieve a higher search engine ranking. Unfortunately, it has become very competitive and very difficult to rank high in this organic searches, especially with common search terms. However, that should not deter you from doing everything you can, within reason and perhaps budget, to continually and consistently build good habits that will lead to sustained upward movement toward higher page rank.

In order to achieve higher search engine ranking in the organic search arena, your web pages and the content contained in them need to be optimized to be clearly visible to the internet robots (bots for short). Bots also read web pages via data placed strategically within areas of your website and is known as “On-Page SEO”. Bots also can report back change of ownership, age of domain and unique quality of content.

In addition to on-page SEO, there are off-page SEO hoops to jump through to improve your search engine ranking too.

SEO is all about knowing and applying what is needed as often as possible. It is a matter of having the correct information placed in the appropriate places and having someone perform these tasks consistently over time. It is typically best to develop a plan you can commit to over the course of a year. Committing and keeping consistent is key. It is better to continually increase your commitment and build on to what will work best than to try to commit to something and not be capable of maintaining what you start. Evaluate often and adjust slowly.

Hiring a freelancer who is competent in basic website management, SEO and wordsmith skills can be a simple solution to saving time and energy learning the proper techniques and applications yourself. Tasking them with writing copy or tweaking existing content and placing it appropriately and strategically on your website can result in dramatically increasing your ability to meet your desired results in a higher Google search engine ranking.

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2 thoughts on “Search Engine Ranking: Rising to the Top”

  1. Organic search engine ranking has a different view from paid as because of investment and output time but people who are efficient in organic SEO can get better feedback from the working company.

    • Wow, that is a mouthful. I think you are going to have to elaborate and simplify this for most readers here.

      I get that you are saying is that there is a cost (obviously) with paid SEO search ranking… what I question is your meaning of output time? Not quite sure what you meant by getting better feedback from the working company either. Can you explain?


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