Meetup Mondays Episode 15 – 2018 – Mike Clay

Did you know that the WAY you implement content on your site will make or break your Search Engine Optimization?

It will determine if you rank for 2 keywords or hundreds of keywords.

To properly use Content Templates, have the greatest impact on your SEO, and increase your traffic and conversions, step back and look at your content from a marketing mindset.

Discover the Skyscraper Content Template, the GEO Relevance Content Template, and the Blog Page Content Template.

Learn what each of the three templates does, how to use each template, and when to use which template to dominate your market.

Live Webinars every Monday at 2 PM Mountain Time,

We encourage you to join us often possess an actionable attitude and learn to do more than merely survive. Connect. Network. Thrive!

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