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OwnWP LogoOwnWP posts pretty regularly, but we were constantly finding that we were not dedicating enough time (if any) to promoting our blog posts across our social media channels more often than when they were first published. We knew that we had to change this.

We started using a tool called Missinglettr. We've been using the tool long enough to feel confident in reviewing and writing about it.

And although this is a review, we'll warn you now... It was really difficult finding anything about this tool that we could significantly complain about.

Since using Missinglettr, whenever we publish a blog post, we get an email (typically within a few minutes of pushing 'publish') inviting us to review a social media campaign that has been created for us. The campaigns can range from a couple of weeks up to two years worth of social media posts for each blog post we publish. All we need to do is review some suggestions, make any edits – if we need to, and schedule the start date. That's it. Each blog post is marketed across all of our social networks - driving traffic back to our website.

Quite simply... We love it!

Even so, it's only fair to go back to the beginning. We'll share our experience from our introduction to the application, through its set up, and on to measuring our results. Then you can truly understand, view the big picture, and determine if Missinglettr might be a useful tool for you as well.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr iconMissinglettr is an easy and fast way to promote website content that you are posting to your website. It helps you to create social media campaigns, schedule social media posts and drip your content out to your social media network. The intent of a social media campaign is to drive your social media traffic back to your website - and it works! Within weeks we were able to see an increase in traffic hitting our websites.

What is a campaign?

In case you are not familiar with what a campaign is and for the purpose of this Missinglettr review, it is a sequence of unique social media posts which each consist of text, an image and a link back to your post on your website. The campaign posts are published to the social profiles that you have connected through your Missinglettr account spread out over a length of time.

Missignlettr is perfect for freelancers, bloggers, virtual assistants, or anyone who might be managing content for their clients.

We first heard of Missinglettr during one of our weekly Monday Meetup webinars and immediately signed up for their small business free trial. It was super easy to set up and we were able to start using our subscription the same day.  Some of our OwnWP members even began to use their statistical results as marketing growth evidence and began to upsell the Missignlettr social media campaign service to their clients.

Since we first began using Missinglettr,  the product has continually improved which makes it a piece of cake to use regularly and the customer service is impeccable. The Missinglettr support is helpful, courteous and quick.

We were able to send out our first campaign on the same day we signed up. Why? Well, just take a look at how easy it is to set up and use.

A Guide To Setting Up Your Missinglettr - Preparing for your first Campaign

Add the Site Name, Purpose of the Site, and the RSS Feed URL

1. Connecting to Missinglettr

Connecting OwnWP to Missinglettr was simple. We entered our website URL, whether or not the site is a personal or business site, and our RSS feed. With an RSS feed, it was easy for the Missinglettr platform to recognize our content. But, even without an RSS feed, you could still use Missinglettr. You would just need to contact their customer support.

2. Adding Social Profiles

Once you have added your website and it is recognized by Missinglettr, you’ll need to connect the social profiles that you want your content to post to, to Missinglettr.

The five primary social media networks can be connected to Missinglettr.

  1. Facebook,
  2. Twitter,
  3. LinkedIn,
  4. Google+
  5. Pinterest (Pinterest may still be in beta –the testing phase before the final release of a new feature).

Social Media Profiles

Since joining we have seen a continual effort being made to add additional social profiles.

In any case, your social media networks are added in the “Social Profiles” section of the “Settings” tab of your Missinglettr account.

First, pick the social media platform you want to add. Missinglettr will prompt you to log into your account and authorize Missinglettr to use it for posting the content you define.

Next, accept to connect your social media network to Missinglettr.

Then, take an opportunity to pick the pages you manage from a dropdown list. Of course, you can also just keep the app posting to your personal timeline, if you prefer.

3. Setting up Your Scheduling

Start by setting the timezone for your campaigns.

Missinglettr Allowable Days and Times to Post

Next, choose the days of the week you would like Missinglettr to post on your social media networks. This is a simple click to toggle allowed (green) days or days to skip (red) posting the social media campaign posts. You may also prohibit posts on specific days by using the Blacklist Dates

4. Campaign Schedule Templates

By default, a campaign runs for 12 months and consists of nine social posts spread out over that year. Posts occur on day 0 (same day), 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 180, 270, and 365.

The ability to use, edit existing, or create your own schedule templates is available to users on any Business or Team plans. On these plans, you have access to a schedule manager. The schedule manager allows you to control the length of your campaign, how often you post to your social networks, which social networks you want to post to, and the ability to adjust the auto-repeat rules.

The 4 pre-built schedule templates:

  1. 12-month evergreen (the default campaign)
  2. 6-month evergreen
  3. 2-month blast
  4. 2-week blast

Your campaign can be as long as 730 days (2 years) and have up to 50 posts for each social profile connected! You can also run campaigns shorter than a year for things like your seasonal ads or if you need to blast out your current promotions and deals quickly.

5. Campaign Settings

Out of the box, Missinglettr creates your campaigns based on a set of default rules. You may adjust and change default rules as needed.

Default Settings

  • Hashtags – Missinglettr creates hashtags for your campaign. You have the opportunity to turn off hashtags for individual social networks.
  • Enable Hashtag Suggestions – Missinglettr will make hashtag suggestions based on your content. With this setting off you can still use hashtags but would enter them manually.
  • META Keywords (If They Exist) – Missinglettr can use your content’s meta tags to help with hashtag suggestions if you choose.
  • Simple Templates – Simple templates are non-specific templates and will not contain things like, “just published a new blog post” or "In case you missed it".
  • Quote Truncation – Quotes chosen can be truncated if they are too long, or you may choose to simply have Missinglettr ignore long quotes and not use them.
  • Image To Show Alongside – A Title You may choose a particular image to pair with your post’s title. For example, an article image, a speech bubble title, a speech bubble quote, or a random image.
  • Image To Show Alongside – A Quote You may choose a particular image to pair with your post’s quote. You may choose a particular image to pair with your post’s title. For example, an article image, a speech bubble title, or a speech bubble quote.
  • Default hashtags – You may include default hashtags, alongside the automatic suggestions for each campaign. If there aren't any relevant hashtags for an individual campaign, you have the opportunity to remove them when reviewing the campaign.

6. Content Templates

One of the things that we love about the text part of the campaigns, is that we can customize our templates. You can edit these to use a different language or introduce your own writing style. Perhaps, you want to simply remove the templates you don't want to use. We found this feature comes in really handy when we want to include some industry jargon.

Templates can either be set up to be used on any day within a campaign or for a specific day within any one campaign. The content templates have been part of Missinglettr since we began and well before they added the ability to customize the campaign schedule, so when we added our custom content templates, we found it easiest to simply add them for any day. As time goes on and we use Missinglettr more, we expect we may be able to eventually add more template options and perhaps even group them to coincide with other sites we have added for clients.

7. Branded Images

When it comes to images, Missinglettr makes sure there you’ll have a never-ending variety.

Missinglettr can add images to your social media campaigns by

  • extracting images you have posted on your website
  • creating quote bubbles
  • giving you the option and ability to upload custom images

Any images that you included with your content on your website are pulled into Missinglettr and can be used in your social media campaigns.

The Default Quote BubbleEvery Missinglettr account offers a nicely styled basic quote bubble template. The Quote bubble’s content becomes your social media post image.

There are three premium branding quote bubble templates. You can find them in your branding settings under Premium templates if you are on a premium plan. In this area, you can edit and create new custom branded templates.

Do you want to use images from your Missinglettr campaign for other purposes? No worries, you can! Missinglettr lets you download them.

How to Customize the Quote Bubble

The Campaign Process

Before anything is published to your social profiles, you have to review and approve the campaign. Nothing is ever published without your approval. In the review process, you can edit images, text, and even links, if you prefer.

A “Waiting” tab contains access to all the information that Missinglettr needs to be able to create a campaign for you. You can click “Create campaign” to pick the specific post, or “Reject” if you don’t want to create a campaign for any particular post.

Upon clicking “create campaign” Missinglettr will take the blog post you pick and create a drip campaign for it. This typically doesn’t take but a few minutes, but occasionally it can take some time (usually no more than 30 minutes).

Once Missinglettr creates your campaign output, you will receive an email notification that your campaign is ready.

At this point the campaign you picked to create moves to the “Ready to review” tab.

There are 3 simple steps in reviewing a campaign. The three steps provide you with full control over what is posted to your social media networks.

First, make sure you like the hashtags Missinglettr has picked. You can add your own,  turn them off altogether, or delete the ones you don’t like. Moving a hashtag higher in the list increases its priority for being assigned to posts.

Choose your hashtags.

Next, you get to take a look at the picture and text combinations that have been created.

Campaign Post Review

  • Switch between the options using left and right arrows, edit the text, or even upload custom photos of your own.
  • Choose to make your campaign have more or less posts over the year viewing the timeline.
  • View each of the posts within the campaign.
  • When editing a post of a campaign, you can edit the text of the quote image, the text of the content, the assigned short links, and even the hashtags.

There are some tricky parts to figuring out the sequence of saving with some of the social media networks because Facebook, in particular, will not allow Missinglettr to automatically create the content for the post. So, there is an extra step.

If you forget to save a Facebook post, Missinglettr will not allow you to publish the posts and it can become somewhat frustrating if you do not realize what the issue was. It all makes sense once you understand and they do a relatively good job letting you know what the issue is and how to fix it.

PROTIP: Click on the FB icon, copy, paste and don’t forget to save, then move to the next post.

Lastly, approve or reject the campaign and choose the date that you would like the campaign to begin.

You can start each campaign immediately after reviewing it or choose a future date for it to begin.

You have an option to set a campaign termination date if you need a particular campaign to end on a certain date.

Our technique when scheduling the start of each campaign is to have them post on a particular day of the week. For example Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and make sure that no more than one campaign begins on the same day. We find this technique spreads out our social posts and provides a continual variety of information, images, and backlinks to our web pages.

It is important to note to be mindful of how many posts you have in the campaign when setting a termination date because any posts that were scheduled after the termination date will not post.

It is interesting that even though Missinglettr is designed to promote website and blog posts, it is also possible to promote events, items you may have for sale on your site, or different pages of your site (hint: change the links to where you want visitors to land as needed).

This probably seems like a lot to do but in reality, it can be set up quickly. We started our account with a single website, and a single Facebook profile assigned to a single Facebook page. Once you get your first campaign on its way, you can come back and add more websites, more social profiles, and do some serious customizations for your branding. Believe us, we know you'll love it too.

But, if you're not sure if Missinglettr would work for you and with your site, just sign up for one of the weekly webinars.

Missinglettr weekly webinars!

These webinars will showcase what Missinglettr can help you do and how to do it! They cover everything from why a drip marketing campaign is so important, to showing you step-by-step how to use Missinglettr to drive traffic back to your site. Not to mention it is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

And if you’re STILL not sure…we’ve managed to secure a special deal with Missinglettr, exclusively for you though OwnWP.

50% off ANY plan for the first 3 months!

What We Like Best About Missinglettr

We’ve rambled on long enough but before we close this up, there’s just one more thing we want you to know – what like the best about Missinglettr. It’s more than a marketing scheduler tool – it saves us time!

Missinglettr focuses on promoting our content by creating our social media content for us and drives traffic to our website. We just simply pick and choose all of the pieces of the campaigns and approve.

To be honest, I don’t know what we would do without Missinglettr. This tool is worth much more than we pay (but don’t tell them that). With Missinglettr, we have more time to concentrate on creating valuable content, finding more clients, and building our own products – or even better, to devote more time being offline for the important things that really matter in a day in the life of a freelancer.

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