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LaunchThe WordPress Developer Camp, The Developer Course, The Dev Course, or whatever name you know it by, is back. The course, taught by Benjamin Bradley, is an exclusive in-depth WordPress training experience that can now only be found within the membership walls of WPStudio. The ever-changing course had 16 occurrences starting back in 2010 – WAY back when Benjamin, aka the Professor, worked for another company and before he broke off to offer his own products and services.

This will be the Fourth WordPress Developer Camp by WPStudio. The bigger, better, and stronger WP Developer Camp is sure to take your WordPress skills to the next level.

The Developer Camp is a live event held online with a super interactive and lively chat. You'll have access to the professor and his community – a learning environment where you're encouraged to interact with other attendees, ask your questions and share your knowledge, contributing to this unique experience. You'll feel like you are attending the event in-person. Replays are always available quickly too, so you can rewind and rewatch key sections when you want to.
Target Audience

Is the Developer Camp for Me?

Most WordPress users can benefit from the in-depth training included that explains how WordPress works in a way that you'll be able to understand regardless of your skill level. The focus of the fourth WordPress Developer Camp is on finding and working with clients.

So, even if you're only interested in getting ahead in terms of building and designing WordPress sites for clients, this course is for you!

  • Boost your productivity
  • Widen your knowledge base
  • Improve your skill level
  • Increase your earning potential


What Should I Do to Prepare for the WP Developer Camp?

Even if you have never touched any PHP or jQuery code in the past, the professor will translate the code and use common words that even a beginner will understand. You'll learn to recognize what the code is doing.

The course IS packed with development skill learning... but to prepare for this event you should only need to

  • refresh your understanding of CSS
  • have a basic knowledge of how to use the browser inspector
  • grasp the concept of being able to identify elements in the Document Object Model (DOM) – the programming interface for HTML and XML documents.

Deal Closing

What Can I Expect From the Developer Camp?

The Camp is scheduled for Monday, December 3rd - Friday, December 7th, 2018. There are two 1-hour'ish sessions each day between 11:30 AM and 2 PM. Each Day covers the following topics:

  1. Finding Clients - A look at where and how to find clients, how to build better intake forms, and how to focus your SEO.
  2. Closing the Deal – Understand extending WordPress and presenting a unified option for clients.
  3. Client Development Process – Building custom solutions, take advantage of WordPress themes, and customize code snippets for better site performance.
  4. Launching a Client Site – prepare WordPress sites for launch, harden security, take steps for a successful client future.
  5. Client Communication – Steps every freelancer should take to continue growing their business with current, past, and future clients.

OK, How Much is It?

Well, the good news is that you get a whole lot more than just the WordPress Developer Camp... You get an entire year of WPStudio Membership with your purchase. Normally, that is $679/year!

But Wait!!! yes, we really said that because it really does get better – for reals! 😉 We have discounts for you...

GOOD: November 25th - December 2nd, a 30% discount!
November 19th  - 25th, get 40% off!
November 12th - 18th, save 50%! 

Reserve Your Seat  for the WordPress Developers Camp

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