What are Weekly Webinars?

Weekly WebinarsWeekly Webinars is the name of a type of live event held here on OwnWP.

As the name indicates, the Weekly Webinars are held each week and area 1 hour'ish event with an educational type presentation.

Registration is required to attend the free live event, however, replays and other exclusive presentation materials are restricted to OwnWP membership.

The Weekly Webinar episode topics include:

1. Digital Marketing – Proven marketing techniques and processes to implement yourself or market to your clients as services.

2. Tools of the Trade – An in-depth look at tools, services, and products that are known, liked, and used in our industry.

3. Freelance Success – Productivity concepts, processes, focus, and action plans designed for business development and growth.

4. Web Wonders – The geekier side of how things work across the internet.

OwnWP also has other scheduled live events available like Community Connections – a 30-minute live Q&A / help session and Network News –a shorter (typically less than an hour) webinar, that provides timely industry and community information and updates.

Live event registrations buttons are found on the OwnWP home page. Visit the membership page to view OwnWP membership options.

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