What are Community Connections?

Community ConnectionCommunity Connections are a type of live event held here on OwnWP.

Community Connections are a quick live Q&A / help session – currently being held after the Network News event.

Registration is required to attend the free live event, however, these sessions are typically not recorded and replays are not available.

There is no limit as to the topics covered during Community Connections. It is designed to be a real-time help session for attendees experiencing a particularly difficult challenge. Recommendations are based purely on the experience of the other attendees and the host, who also moderates the session.

The Community Connections sessions are a great opportunity to

1. Get an extra set of eyes to see something you may have missed.

2. Get free advice and ideas to solve a problem.

3. Connect with one another and begin building long-lasting business relationships.

4. Introduce others to your skill sets and knowledge.

5. Cross promote community member strengths.

6. Network – identify potential team members and outsourcing opportunities.

OwnWP also has other scheduled live events available like Network News – a shorter (typically less than an hour) webinar, that provides timely industry and community information and updates and Weekly Webinars – a 1 hour'ish event with an educational type presentation.

Live event registrations buttons are found on the OwnWP home page. Visit the membership page to view OwnWP membership options.

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