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This is your portal to the OWNWP Slack group. The concept is to learn by participation within a chat network environment and contribute when possible.

OWNWP Concepts

Members typically focus on WordPress web design/development or other online related freelance business growth. The group does not provide support for particular products or resources in any official capacity, but rather, they share information they have learned and experiences they have had.

It is your responsibility to be responsible for your own due diligence.

The group is open and available 24/7/365!

There are no prerequisites required to be an OWNWP Slack group member, however, you should be willing to abide by some simple guidelines. All members should also feel comfortable enough to request any conversation be terminated or moved to a private conversation at any time.

Network Guidelines:

OWNWP Slack Group GuidelinesNo Profanity - We are a “family friendly” group. Consider using emoticons to express things that are best left unsaid.

Respect Differences - Be understanding and tolerant to people with different personal opinions, temperaments or imperfections. Remember, their morals and values are as important to them, as yours are to you. It’s OK to disagree or express dissatisfaction but do so tactfully. At the same time, if you recognize a conversation that might be considered offensive, request the conversation be terminated or moved elsewhere.

Create a Safe Environment - This group was started as a safe place where people can learn and help others. Consider moving long, one-on-one conversations to a direct message type of conversation (you might even be able to use it for a post on your site or in the forum to help others later). Connect individually with others in the group and network.

Be Professional - Build your trust and authority in the group. Avoid sharing improper information within as well as outside of the group.

The bottom line is to always treat others the way YOU would like to be treated (not how you think or feel they may be treating you).

How do I join the OWNWP Slack Group?

It's easy, just...

Complete The Form

What's Next?
SlackOnce you complete the form...

  1. Watch the inbox of the email you signed up for a subscription confirmation. (You may need to check your mail SPAM folder).
  2. Click on the "Yes, subscribe me to this list" button in the email.
  3. Confirm you are a human on the page that opens.
  4. Follow the prompts to access the Slack group.

Helpful Cheats to Surviving Slack

Slack might seem a bit overwhelming at first but the Slack Help Center provides a plethora of articles to get to know the basics, and a few helpful tips & tricks along the way!

And once you confirm your subscription, we have another free gift for you to download.

Personal Information

We understand that your personal information is important to you – it is important to us too! We will not be sharing your information with others. Expect email with information pertaining to the group or to inquire about your other industry interests. You may opt out of, or change your preferences while on the email list at any time.

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