Partnership Perks and the Advantage of Alliances

I receive a lot of email subscriptions. The ones I enjoy the most are motivational and devotional in nature. Now, I don't want you to think I'm going to go into a religious spiel here - I am not. What I want to share is why I read them and what they provide me. Of course, they provide me a personal motivation and values to live by on a personal level, but what I find absolutely fascinating is that when I read them I recognize how I can apply them toward my business dreams and goals.
Professional Agreements Reflecting Togetherness Nicely Ensures Real Success Harmoniously Increasing Productivity. ~ A Minute with Maxwell

This morning's email focused on partnership. It explained how more than one person working toward a single goal can be much more rewarding and much easier than trying to attempt and accomplish things on your own. I really wish I could just copy and paste the entire email here because it was really well written and I fear I will not be able to convey the message nearly as well. With any luck, I will be able to at least give you a little insight into what I heard and it will mean a little something to you as well.

Unexpected Partnership

The Unexpected Partnership of Peanut Butter and Chocolate The article that I read contained three quotes that really jumped out at me and encompassed what I believe is the heart and soul of this site and it's members. I added the actual quotes to our quotes and tips area that greet you inside the membership area of the site, but here is my take.

The first quote was by Mother Teresa and basically says that we each have our own individual skills. Everybody has something that they're good at. The skill that I have may not be the skill that you have. And the skill that you have may not be the skill that I have. But when we work together and combine our skills we will have an amazing result.

The second quote was an anonymous quote. To sum it up - One person working with you is better than a group working for you. When you are working with someone, it's a combined effort. None is better than the next, just different. When someone is working for you, you are placed in a position of authority. As an entrepreneur, I do not want to work for someone. Nor am I especially thrilled about having people work for me. I would much rather work together.

And lastly, the quote from Andrew Carnegie who claims that it was not his own ability and knowledge that allowed him to achieve the things that he had. He credits his success to the combined and superior knowledge and the ability of those around him. We have one member who consistently will enter the chat room with a happy and heartfelt announcement of "Hello my brilliant friends!" I love being around that kind of mindset. Mind you, this member is as brilliant as any of us, but it is their acknowledgment and public declaration of their appreciation of others that I admire.

Forming Partnership Alliances

_MG_3750 What intrigues me about finding these three quotes within this single article is that even though each of these quotes came from a different person, place and time, and from completely different facets of life, they all place a high value on how others can and did impact their lives.

It is a reminder that we, as a group, will be able to achieve a higher level of success working in partnership and together than if we were not a group. A team, a network, IS stronger than a lone individual. A group dedicated to one another will provide help to those in need. Our network is a partnership with the ability to accomplish more than what each could do alone.

This truth is a fit reminder to people that when we are working together in harmony, the talents and gifts of the body minimize the weaknesses and shortcomings of the body, thereby making a stronger unit.

You need someone, and someone needs you. We all need each other - in partnership.

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2 thoughts on “Partnership Perks and the Advantage of Alliances”

  1. What an amazing article my brilliant friend! It’s very well thought-out/written. I have to agree with you, we have a unique calling in life, however, the challenge for many people is to believe they ARE brilliant.

    We have a unique gift which many times we call “our strength”. What we don’t recognize many times is, what we call our “weaknesses” are indeed blessings in our lives. I’ll explain:

    Our strengths are other peoples weaknesses and vice-verse. Focusing our time working on our strengths and not on our weaknesses allows others to do the same. When we put them all together and focus on helping each other, we create a strong bond that can conquer anything in life.

    We were all born brilliant, however because we are conditioned to many things in society, our brilliance dims and before we know it, our brain begins to think and focus on what we can’t do instead of focusing on what we are good at.

    My focus and main value proposition is to focus on the uniqueness and strengths of others to create an environment in where they too can focus on their strengths.

    Thank you for always focusing on your strengths of helping others be successful…you are a blessing and yes you are my Brilliant Friend!

    Migdalia Johnson

  2. Wow Migdalia,

    That is Brilliant. Your comment should be a post or sticky or something. More people need to see it, because it explains the strength/benefit of this community.


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