Nudge Report October 2018

Many freelancers use this time of year to revamp and renew their business structure, website, and sometimes even their dreams. It would seem that the third quarter is the beginning of changes in direction and businesses remolding. With that being said, we invite you to participate in the OwnWP annual survey.

OwnWP has always been here specifically for you, the user! We intend to keep it that way. Paid member survey responses will be weighted and hold a little more influence than the OwnWP general population, however, your input will make a difference and mold the direction of OwnWP for the future.

Where Do You Want OwnWP To Go?

October in Review

Although some of the webinars that we originally had scheduled were not the webinars that ended up being presented, we once again delivered a full month of webinars.

WordPress is the foundation of many of websites among the entrepreneurs and freelancers that frequent OwnWP so it is no wonder then that our first webinar presented by Benjamin Bradley was well attended if even out of curiosity. We all know and love WordPress but is it really something that we need? And if so, why?

Mike Clay returned with a fantastic information filled webinar that helped us to understand a little bit more about RSS. This webinar was also the catalyst for a new series of posts designed to help the newer folks learn some of the jargon and terms we use regularly in the industry. So, keep an eye out for our "Glossary" posts.

The third week of October welcomed Hugh Smith and we were grateful to hear about his development base build website containing a number of custom and well thought out techniques that work well for him and might work well for you.

We rounded out the month getting to know another longtime OwnWP member – Steve Cunningham, who shared his interesting history of introducing WordPress to the music department of the University of Southern California, a few details of how he got to where he is, as well as answering the question of why he has chosen his arsenal of tools.

OwnWP Jingle

OwnWP ScheduledWebinars for November

Nov. 5th: Missinglettr Doesn't Miss Anything

Nov. 12th: Optimizing Video

Nov. 19th: Terrific Ticketing Systems

Nov.26th: Assumed Name Certificate: Changing the Conversation

October OwnWP Webinar Replays

Actionable Attitude for October

October 2018 Actionable Attitude

October OwnWP Member Activity

Happy Joe

Is CBD Legal in All 50 States? Is CBD legal federally? Happy Joe shares the facts around selling or purchasing CBD and hemp infused products.


Happy Joe

Happy Joe announces our Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal. If you buy any Happy Joe CBD product until Veterans Day 2018, we'll give one away to a veteran for free.


Happy Joe

Will CBD help sciatica? Happy Joe shares how CBD tinctures and topicals can be effective for reducing inflammation and in providing relief of sciatic pain.

Last Month's Nudge Report

September is officially the last month of summer. For families, it means getting the children back into school. For freelancers, it means getting ready for the final quarter's push and another year of business gone by! My, oh my, how time flies! Would You Like Your Content Promoted Here? Are you interested in having your ... Read MoreNudge Report September 2018

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