Nudge Report September 2018

September is officially the last month of summer. For families, it means getting the children back into school. For freelancers, it means getting ready for the final quarter's push and another year of business gone by! My, oh my, how time flies!

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Unforeseen Webinar Debacles

September was a particularly difficult month for OwnWP webinars.

We inadvertently had scheduled a Freelance Survival webinar on September 3rd which was Labor Day, a US holiday. Both the host and the presenter were ready to go but everyone else was off celebrating so we decided to reschedule for Oct. 1st.

The Digital Marketing webinar was rescheduled due to the presenter being a no-show and the host attempting to connect while traveling in an area that, as it turns out, has no service.

Tools of the Trade webinar was in limbo due to the host's internet connections (or rather, the lack thereof) while on vacation. Additionally, we were still unable to reach the presenter and beginning to wonder if he was OK. Ultimately we canceled this webinar as well.

Finally, we were able to hold a webinar during the last week of September.

OwnWP Jingle

OwnWP Webinars Scheduled for October

Oct 1st: Do You Really Need WordPress?

Oct 8th: SEO with RSS

Oct 15th: RSS Tools

Oct 22nd: Hugh Smith - Topic TBA

Oct 29th: Ereika Stimley - Topic TBA

Webinar Replays From September

Learning about virtually everything may seem like a pretty strong statement and one that quite likely requires additional information.

September's Actionable Attitude

OwnWP Activity for September

Happy Joe

I'd like to share about my personal struggle with health and happiness and how I found wellness through cannabis, CBD, nutrition, exercise, and changes.

Last Month's Nudge Report

August has been a fun month here in the network. Our Slack channel, (which is not restricted to paid members, but is by invitation only) has been gaining popularity. With more and more posting occurring everyone benefits and we are reminded how great it feels to not have to do all of this alone!

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