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June 4th: Harness the Power of Fonts & Font Icons June 11th: List Building June 18th: Email Marketing June 25th: HTTPS-ify Your Localhost

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Creating multiple streams of income is one of the ways that Freelancers can start to do more than merely survive. Know what to do next, or should I say NECST - a technique to apply a proven concept and evaluate a potential new service for you to offer to your clients.
Email Marketing Sequencing and Segmenting | O W N W P
Email Marketing: the good, the bad, the Sender Score. Understanding why not all providers are created equal and how to build automation sequences that grow your business. Email Privacy and Legal Concerns In the US, there are more than 20 different laws that are already in place regarding email marketing and/or privacy concerns.
In this webinar, we sort through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, rant about some of the lunacy, and get down with some straight talk about how to make the best of GDPR. It is especially important to note: This is not legal advice.

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What was it about YOU that made your best customers choose you over choosing someone else to work with? Do you know why your best customers choose you over the competition? If you are a freelancer and you are managing clients, this can become an even greater challenge.

Happy Joe

Ever since announcing my new focus on cannabis, I've tried to educate people on the medical benefits of the plant and the myths surrounding it. Medical marijuana is a much debated topic in some communities.
If you’re a Veteran, like me, you probably feel as if you should have a choice in your treatment and medicine. You are old enough to die for your country at 18 years old, you’re old enough to vote, and by 21 years of age, you’re able to legally consume alcohol.


One of the easiest ways for WordPress website owners to apply privacy protections and meet GDPR requirements is to use a WordPress Plugin designed for GDPR compliance assistance. This article reviews five General Data Protection Regulation plugins found in the WordPress repository and a premium plugin.

Happy Joe

What does the Bible have to say about Christianity and cannabis? Nothing. The Bible is silent. That?s the simple answer because scripture does not mention this specific plant. A little digging reveals the Bible does have a
What is Microdosing Cannabis? When I talk to people about cannabis, there's typically a comment or two about the psychoactive effects. Most people relate cannabis to getting high, uncontrollable laughter, and the munchies. In the medical

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