Nudge Report – July 2018

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After last month's trials and tribulations, this month's theme has placed the following quote in front of me more than a few times. Not only is it hanging on one of the OwnWP office walls, it was shared through another popular community, as well as on some social media venues this month.

The Happiest People don't have the Best of Everything, they just Make the Best of Everything.

It is a great reminder to be thankful for whatever it is is that we do have, while we strive for whatever else we are after. And maybe try at the same time to pay a little more attention to how blessed we really are. In reality, we all just might be a little closer to thriving than we think (or feel like) we are.

August's OwnWP Scheduled Webinars

August 6th: Progress With Productivity August 13th: WP Marketing Tweaks August 20th: Optimize Your Marketing August 27th: PadChops Website Work

Webinar Replays from Our July Presentations

It was great being able to get us back into our regularly scheduled programming and continue to build our skill set, knowledge base, and business momentum.

Interestingly though, 3 of the 4 presentations did not cover the topics that had been posted in last month' Nudge Report.

Three of the webinar topics – WordPress Marketing Tweaks, Plugins to Optimize your Marketing, and Progress with Productivity – have been rescheduled to occur in August.

Our July Digital Marketing webinar, Location Marketing Explained, went into specific detail helping an OwnWP member to plan and build out her location pages and connecting them to a rewritten Skyscraper landing page.

An SEO PowerSuite presentation that matched up and supplemented the work we focused on during the digital marketing presentation took place for our Tools of the Trade webinar.

The last of the three webinars that got pushed back was replaced with what the slack group wanted to hear about first – Magic Migration by Dustin Bolton.

Attendance for the July webinars continued to increase slightly which is hopefully a sign that we are discussing the topics that you all want to hear about. Please feel free to continue to share the registration links and invite others to join us for future webinars taking place at our regularly scheduled Monday Meetups.

For many WordPress site users and developers, the ability to add custom fonts can be an overwhelming endeavor. You might be thinking about simply using a quick WordPress plugin or slapping some “import” code into your theme’s stylesheet and believe that it is enough. It's not!
Location Marketing (or maybe you've heard it referred to as Google Map Marketing) is when you market your business through, and leverage, Google Maps. This strategy makes use of Google Maps functionality to make your business easier to find when your products or services are being searched for in search engines.
With the digital marketing software of SEO PowerSuite, you can automate routines, cut boring workload and streamline your digital marketing efforts.
Understand the how and why you want to your localhost working environment to be HTTPS vs HTTP.

Magic Migration is a software as a service solution for automating the migration of WordPress sites to a new host or URL on demand. It fills the need for an easy to use tool that reliably migrates sites even in the worst hosting environments. Using Magic Migration you'll be able to avoid problems that plugin based solutions encounter.

OWNWP's July Actionable Attitude - Did You Take Action?

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July's OwnWP Member Activity

Arelthia Phillips

I have been working on a new plugin that utilizes the new Gutenberg, blocks editor. I wanted to change the order of the custom posts on the edit screen so that they are not ordered by name. Since the posts on the edit screen are displayed from wp_query I filtered pre_get_posts to set ‘orderby’ to date as shown below. To prevent all posts to be changed I only modify the query if it is one of my custom post types.


Missinglettr promotes website content by creating campaigns, scheduling and dripping evergreen social media posts to your social media networks.
Rank Tracker is a fast, easy, and effective, dual-purpose digital marketing tool. 5 Star Keyword Research and Rank Tracker Tool As you would expect, its name indicates one of its purposes, rank tracking. In addition, the tool monitors your, or your client?s, website rank. This tool can be used as an integral part of your ... Read MoreWhy We Use Rank Tracker (and Maybe You Should Too)

Last Month's Nudge Report

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