Nudge Report – July 2017

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July's OWNWP Actionable Attitude

WP Studio – Loop Studio Update

WP Studio – SMTP  Studio Update

Ericka Stimley Consulting – Marketing Monday: Lead Generation Case study, part 1

To kick off Marketing Monday, I've started a lead generation case study. Follow along as we optimize a site to gain more leads and conversions!

WP Studio – Week of July 3rd

Members have an in-depth webinar on how to work with Cloudflare on Thursday at 1:00 pm. There is a current 34% off coupon: ILOVEFIREWORKS for either annual or quarterly memberships. Current members…

WP Studio – Require a Specific Password Length

Many of the leading WordPress security plugins have the ability to force/require strong passwords for users. But one of the requests I’ve received from people is if there is a way…

2D Web Solutions – Make More (with WordPress) by Hosting Websites as a Service

2D Web Solutions – Best Servers for Hosting Websites for Your Clients

KerryCarron – Kerry's Note to Self

Ultimate Solution – July's Be Inspired, Get Motivated & Take Action

2D Web Solutions – Does Your Hosting Service Include Maintenance?

2D Web Solutions – Solutions for Maintaining Security While Hosting Websites

Thank you for being here for episode 20 where we discuss our WP niches series. Today we’re continuing our series on WordPress niches during this series we are exploring different ways that you can make more with WordPress. And as a reminder during this series, we’re going to be covering five primary WordPress niches.

Pintop Solutions – Integrate Your Website in All Your Marketing

With the increased use of social media marketing, don't forget about your website. Engage your audience on social media and invite them back to your home base, your website. But be mindful if you are going to invite them back you should have a compelling reason for them to visit your website. Here are two …

WP Studio – Booking Benjamin is a Thing

For years I have been asked if I offered the opportunity to hire/book me for projects, personal one-on-one training, and more. I’m happy to say that today begins this opportunity.…

2D Web Solutions - Make More with WordPress by Hosting Websites

WP Studio – Week of July 31st

Three scheduled webinars this week: Creating Custom Post Types with Pods (FREE Event) Creating Meta Boxes with Pods (FREE Event) ThemeStudio: Building a Photo-Blogging Website (Members) “Booking Benjamin” is now…

WP Studio – Creating Custom Post Types with Pods Plugin (Replay)

In case you missed today’s webinar on creating custom post types with the Pods plugin and how to customizing a number of the more advanced options, the replay is available…

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