Nudge Report – January 2019

January is Already in the Rear View Mirror!

The first month of 2019 is gone! How did that happen? Well, regardless if you were ready for it or not, it is now all part of history.

Our 2019 webinars are off and running with a lot of changes and a lot busier schedule. Holding 2 live presentations each week has been a bit of adjustment. Our attendance has gone down slightly so we'll be keeping an eye on that to determine if the new aggressive schedule is beneficial to all those involved. So, if you are one of the regular attendees, be sure to help us spread the word by tweeting (#ownwp), sharing, or inviting others to join us.

Our new Network News events are typically held on Mondays and cover industry important announcements and discussions. These newscasts cover

  1. WordPress @ Work - a segment all about WordPress and how it effects on our industry
  2. WordPress Vulnerabilities - the problems and the fixes
  3. OwnWP featured Topic - how to make the most of the website and membership benefits
  4. OwnWP Member Giveaway - free exclusive stuff for our members
  5. Affiliate Product of the Week - we share a particular favorite or time-sensitive valuable product, tool, or course.
  6. Live Q&A and troubleshooting session for anyone that needs a little bit of extra help.

There were three weekly webinars during January.

We started the month discussing the use of Trello. Trello is a collaboration tool that you can use to manage almost any area of business or your personal life. In this webinar, we focused on using Trello for web design project management. But Trello is in no way limited to web design management uses.

Next, we learned about how Clients can be the best and worst part of running a WordPress business. While it’s impossible to avoid client problems entirely, many client problems can be avoided. In this webinar, we learn the strategies and practices to help us prevent the most common client problems that freelancers face.

Business growth is moving our business from wherever it is, closer to where we really want it to be. Regardless of the size or the age of a business, it’s never too early, or too late, for a freelancer to start growing their business. Our third webinar of the month gave us some clues on leveraging what we already have as a starting point from which to start growing our businesses.

The Jan. 31st webinar was canceled due to our presenter being stuck at an airport without internet access due to weather. This presentation will be rescheduled or prerecorded and will be made available soon.

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2019 Live Events on OwnWP

Network News - Monday's @ 2 PM

Weekly Webinars - Thursday's @ Noon

No scheduled events on any  U.S. holiday.

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