Nudge Report – August 2018

OwnWP JingleAugust has been a fun month here in the network. Our Slack channel, (which is not restricted to paid members, but is by invitation only) has been gaining popularity. With more and more posting occurring everyone benefits and we are reminded how great it feels to not have to do all of this alone!

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OwnWP September Scheduled Webinars

Sept 3rd: Do you Really Need WordPress? Sept 10th: SEO with RSS Sept 17th: RSS Tools Sept 24th: Learn About Virtually Everything

August's Webinar Replays

We had a real mix of topics during our August webinar presentations.

Being productive often results in personal and business growth. Our Freelancer Survival webinar revealed the top 4 things that all successful freelancers do to increase their productivity.

During the Digital Marketing webinar, the discussion was all about WordPress Tweaks for Optimization. There are simply some great WP plugins that make the task of optimization easy to implement. And let's not forget about the tools that integrate with WP to help us with the rest!

Week three webinar for August was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. But, has promised a recorded version documenting the specific use of some of the top optimization plugins he has found for us to publish in the Tools of the Trade webinar series. This recording will fit perfectly as a follow-up to the digital marketing episode this month. we'll be sure to place the link to the post as soon as the replay is available.

Watching web developers work through their processes is a great way to learn. This month's Web Wonders webinar highlighted Custom Post Types and the organization of style and functionality in website design and development.

We are in the business of people. Our online business' must meet our client's high expectations while at the same time remain productive, and continue to grow. One of the primary ways of reaching that high expectation is by practicing self-discipline – especially if we are planning to do more than survive as freelancers.
WP Marketing Tweaks explores the 5 digital marketing areas to address and tweak when you are marketing using a WordPress website.
During this webinar, we'll be taking a closer look at some more complex, custom things you can do in a WordPress custom post type.

August's Actionable Attitude

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OwnWP Member Activity for August

Ultimate Solution

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Last Month's Nudge Report

Join us often, possess an actionable attitude, and do more than survive. Virtual Meetups Every Monday @ 2 pm Mountain Time! The place where like-minded freelancers connect, network, and thrive! After last month's trials and tribulations, this month's theme has placed the following quote in front of me more than a few times.


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