Nudge Report – April 2018

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Webinars Scheduled for May

May 7th: Qualifying Your Business  May 14th: Sequencing and Segmenting May 21st: Email Marketing Activecampaign

OWNWP April 2018 Webinar Replays

Did you know that the WAY you implement content on your site will make or break your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Not only that, it will determine if you rank for 2 keywords or hundreds of keywords.
Most of us never dive DEEP into what information Google can really see. It's time to open our eyes. In this Tools of the Trade Webinar, we'll be looking in depth at another SEO Tool - Google! We are going to put on the Google Black Hat, grin like a Cheshire Cat and DIVE DEEP.
Speed up your development when applying styles to sites. We'll be covering the basics applications of using Sass and Codekit inside WordPress. Bring duct tape because THIS is just the beginning.

April's OWNWP Actionable Attitude – Take Action Today!

Take Action Today!

OwnWP Member Activity for April

Happy Joe

The new Happy Joe mission will focus on medical cannabis for veterans. We will provide medical cannabis education, training, and products for the military community. Our purpose is helping veterans achieve happiness and mental wellness.


Pintop Solutions

Businesses looking for reliable hosting for their new website might consider managed WordPress hosting as a good option for their hosting needs. If they have decided to use WordPress as their content management system and would like expert technical support in relation to WordPress, there are a number of reliable hosts to choose from.


Did you know that the WAY you implement content on your site will make or break your Search Engine Optimization? It will determine if you rank for 2 keywords or hundreds of keywords. Meetup Mondays Episode 15 - 2018 - Mike Clay


I?ve got a special weekend discount for members of AND potential new members. (And for those that have been around, you know I don?t give these out very often.) This weekend only (starting from the point I publish this post), you can use the coupon SPRING2018 to get 35% off renewals and/or new memberships.?

Happy Joe

Happy Joe is stoked to announce our new focus on medical cannabis for military veterans. We will be providing medical marijuana education, training, and products to the military community. Enjoy your freedom. Get your happy on!


Do you know why your customers choose you over the competition? Do you understand why their customers choose them? What if you could take those moments where clients are absolutely sure they?ve made the right choice in working with you, and turn them into actionable messaging to grow more leads and sales? Discover your clients? ... Read MoreMeetup Mondays Episode 18 - 2018 - Ereika Stimley
It no longer needs to be a major production to start your online freelance business. All you really need to start your business is the ability to meet a need or solve a problem and a few other bits of technology. Running your freelance business can be done from just about anywhere that you desire.

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