Nudge Report – November 2018

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A Look Back at November

We had some really great webinars during November so let's get started with a quick review.

Missinglettr was introduced and mentioned to us in a few previous OwnWP webinars. We provided a quick walkthrough of the dashboard. Then we explained and demonstrated how to use the tool to create and schedule a year's worth of additional posts. These unique posts are designed to help us keep one of our OwnWP webinars and it's associated show notes fresh all year long across our social media platforms while attracting new visitors to our website.

During our second webinar of the month, we took a look at some of the most vital social media video statistics. From the statistics, we compiled a list of tips for you "to do" in order to help you optimize any existing videos. The list may also be used as a guideline for continuing to optimize your videos as they are created and distributed across the internet.

Next up we learned how to transform our client email and social media questions, problems, and requests into convenient support tickets using Live Agent. We revealed some custom automation and messaging techniques. We shared how to organize and prioritize your support tickets to be able to respond to your clients immediately upon receipt of any ticket. And perhaps most helpful, we automated some routine website support tasks and procedures – making it possible to grow and scale a business for the future.

Lastly, we addressed the research and discovery of assumed name certificates and examined the paradigm shift needed to fully understand alternative options we might not have considered before.

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December 2018 Webinars on OwnWP

Dec. 3rd: Productive Processes

Dec. 10th: Social Media Trends

Dec. 17th: Creating Client User Manuals

Dec.17th: OwnWP New Year Reveal

Dec. 24th: No Webinar - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

OwnWP Webinar Replays from November

What is Missinglettr? Missinglettr is an easy and fast way to promote website content that you are posting to your website. It helps you to create social media campaigns, schedule social media posts and drip your content out to your social media network.

November's Actionable Atitude

November 2018 Actionable Attitude

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With the growing rate of Page Builder popularity in the World of WordPress, you might be wondering what, if any, role do WordPress Themes fulfill? WordPress Themes in the World of Page Builders

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