Nudge Report – December 2018

Looking Back on December

The end of every year is always a busy time, and this was true for our OwnWP as well.

If you are a freelancer finding yourself wearing all of the hats that are required to run a successful business, then you know how your important tasks can sometimes fall through the cracks in the general “busyness” of day-to-day operations. This is where our first December presentation about productive processes revealed how to build systems into our routine to help us organize all of the things we do.

We also took a look at the social media platforms in preparation for the upcoming year. Learning how to take advantage of which trends would work best on each social media platform would make it easier to improve our marketing efforts.

Time for Change

Next, we dived into a tool called Relay That that provides us with an easy way to create branded marketing images so it no longer needs to be difficult to ensure that marketing content is branded in alignment with client brand standards.

The last week of the year allowed us to recap the end of year survey and reveal the plan for OwnWP in the upcoming year.

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OwnWP Webinar Replays from December

Embracing Social Media Trends | O W N W P
Social media is a fast-paced world, ever changing and ever evolving. In 2018 we saw a lot of focus on privacy, GDPR, and the collection of data in general, while at the same time we watched some social media platforms become more intimate with their users introducing stories and one-to-one messaging. It appears that ... Read MoreEmbracing Social Media Trends

December's Actionable Attitude

December 2018

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Before we can go into the etiquette details we must first understand what a webinar is.

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