What is Webinar Etiquette?

What is Webinar Etiquette?

What is Webinar Etiquette?Before we can go into the etiquette details we must first understand what a webinar is. A webinar is nothing more than a meeting that takes place online.

Although the rules for webinar etiquette are similar to conduct for any meeting or presentation, they are also geared to accommodate the different aspects of webinar media.

If you are attending a webinar, show up on time. Wait your turn to speak. Mute your mic and turn off your camera until invited to share. Contribute useful, engaging, and helpful comments in the chat that are relative to the presentation and topic of discussion.

In a smaller, more intimate and collaborative type of webinar environment, there needs to be a clear agenda. Attendees are typically encouraged to use their webcams and join the webinar from a distraction-free zone. Webinar engagement is critical with fewer attendees so stay focused, be attentive, and interact. Contributing insights and experiences while taking advantage of available webinar software features will add a lot of value to the meeting.

Presenters and hosts of webinars should arrive and test their software early. Providing simple slides with graphics, illustrations and bullet points that will complement your discussion is considered a "best practice". Additionally, slowing down your speech rate and taking distinctive pauses between (sometimes even repeating) demonstration steps works best because attendees like to follow along and often try to do the steps alongside your demonstration. Oftentimes attendees cannot see the questions so, when taking and answering questions, be sure to repeat the question (and perhaps even identify the person who asked) before replying.

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