Web Professionals Five Critical Steps For Raising Fees

The Online Work Network for Web Professionals (OWNWP) consists of many individuals with a variety of skills and business experience. Members are not just talking about being a web professional they are active web professionals.

Recently, OWNWP member Nina East presented a talk at WordCamp Raleigh. In the session, titled How to raise your Web Design Fees, Nina discussed the 5 critical steps every web designer or web developer must take to raise their fees and actually get paid the higher fees.

Even though Nina is specifically talking to web designers; her five step system can be applied to any type of business. If you are looking to raise your fees and attract consistent income you can benefit from Nina’s five step system.

"The DECISION to raise your fees comes first, before you find the clients."

~ Nina East, WebDesignProfitSecrets.com

Web professionals provide more value with higher fees.Web Professionals 5 Step Plan

Here are Nina’s 5 steps for raising your fees:

  • Define Who You Are and What You Do
  • Get Clear About Your Money Set Point
  • Get Clear About Your Value & Eliminate Self Doubt
  • Design Packages
  • Make It Easy for Client's To Say Yes

As I watched Nina discuss her 5 step system for raising your fees I had a number of “aha” moments. One of the biggest aha moments was when she broke down money set points. That hit a cord with me because at the end of last year I set what I wanted to make this year. As I started to reach my target in September things started to slow down, I was about to reach my money set point.

What Web Professionals Can Expect

The bottom line is that you CAN make a great living as a WordPress web designer or any online business.

Start by changing your mindset. Look at your business as a business, not a hobby.

Stop trading time for money. Don't charge for your time. Your cost and your pricing should be based on the value you provide. Your value is determined by your expertise, training and the tools you use.

Experience the benefits of increasing your prices. You will find that you will have more confidence about what you do. People will take you more seriously. Your value appears to be higher and you are perceived to be more professional. You end up attracting better clients. Your clients will get better results from their sites because they are more invested.

You can use the increased income from raising fees to invest back into your own training & coaching. Raising your prices can even assist in stabilizing your cash-flow. More cash-flow offers you more freedom! Freedom to be more financially secure as well as freedom to have more time to do the things that you want to do.

Your goal is to engage the client at an emotional level, as well as a rational level, so they feel great about saying "Yes" to you.

~ Nina East, WebDesignProfitSecrets.com

Watch the video replay of Nina's WordCamp session with other web professionals, grasp the important details about each step and become enlightened with your own aha moments.

[pb_vidembed title="" caption="" url="http://videos.videopress.com/eiArvRIO/video-e021c26703_dvd.mp4" type="op" w="890" h="665"]

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8 thoughts on “Web Professionals Five Critical Steps For Raising Fees”

  1. Thanks for the post Arelthia. And thank you, Nina for putting together the original presentation. You both are an incredibly valuable asset to our community.

    I have always know that my prices were too low and I am always working toward my plan to increase them. I recently (even before I watched Nina’s presentation) developed a quarterly pricing increase to get me closer to my business’ financial goals.

    Most of the pricing road blocks that I have personally encountered in my business growth and journey, were all in my own mind. As I began to increase my prices, I found that I did have more self confidence and I did start to attract better clients – and, hence the reason and need to develop my new quarterly plan.

    My prices are still not quite where they should be but at least I have a plan and am taking action. I will continue to increase my fees and have no doubt that I will get them to be comparable to MY value in the near future.

  2. You are welcome Kerry. This network has become a regular part of my day. I look forward to sharing and learning more from all the members.

    Thank You

  3. Yep. I choose to pursue this field, and will not let my 60,000 in student loans for another field get in the way. My time is worth x amount of dollars. Teaching community level classes in tech and possible online curriculum design is in my future, but gaining the experience necessary in a real world situation is also a test. Confidence, a plan, and dedication to stick with it through thick and thin is the true test in freelance survival. Great article BTW.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for taking the time to read the article and leaving a comment. I can relate because I am still paying off student loans, about $20,000. That is motivation to not give up.


  5. Thank you for this, I enjoyed it. I am curious what the thoughts are about “grandfathering” prices for existing clients vs sending a global announcement that rates have changed? As I have ongoing relationships with 85% of my clients I have to give this great consideration.

    • I love to have recurring payment processing in place for my clients. One of the tools that I use for that is Paypal. Unfortunately, one of the limitations of this is that once a price is set and becomes recurring, it cannot be changed unless the client goes through the entire process again of signing up for a different recurring payment and the original recurring payment is cancelled. I find that this is cumbersome so I DO choose to let my recurring billing clients keep their current recurring prices for a longer period of time. It is only for simplicity sake on MY part as well as for my clients at this point.

      At the same time, I also look at it as an extra benefit for the clients that have been paying me on a regular basis – they do have a higher priority to me than finding a new client. I like to treat them special!

  6. Arelthia,

    Nice Post and didn’t know you also attended WC Raleigh.

    Nina’s Presentation was one of the Best there that i attended.

    An alternative but accurate Title for Nina’s Presentation could be “How to Provided the Customer with More Value” – and she might have named it something like this – if she were presenting to Customers as opposed to Web Designers.

    The Big Takeaway for me was, as i recall Nina mentioning, was to get the Customer to quit thinking in terms of a “Web Site” and instead have the Customer focus on what the Customer wants the website to accomplish for her/him.

    An added Benefit of getting the Customer to brainstorm – is that s/he will most likely provide more input about the functionality s/he wants in the website – instead of being limited by the connotations of what a website is – and yes, more website functionality equals more value for the customer – which would allow the web designer to indeed charge more.

    In the end, everyone wins. :yes:



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