BackupBuddy Has WordPress Backup Plugin Features You Want

We use BackupBuddy every day in our business! Not only is having a WordPress backup plugin part of every WordPress website installation we create for our clients, it is also a fundamental piece of our freelance business system. BackupBuddy is a reliable, versatile and an irreplaceable backup plugin that every WordPress website freelancer or owner can use daily. How valuable is that?

Using a trusted WordPress backup plugin is the only way to ensure that our website (and our client's websites) have a reliable backup strategy – something that every website must have. Did you know that there are no website backup options built into a WordPress installation? That means if you are a website building freelancer... you need a solution.

In 2010, iThemes introduced the original WordPress backup plugin called BackupBuddy. And it was this plugin that met our need for a solid WordPress backup solution. It is a great little tool that can be used for backing up, restoring, and moving WordPress websites.

It has not been that long since the release of the latest version of iThemes BackupBuddy, WordPress backup plugin. That's because iThemes is always busy working to improve their BackupBuddy plugin and keep up with rapidly changing technology. They understand that their improvements are important to us. They know that we have worked so hard to create our websites. In keeping things on the leading edge, iThemes allows us to continue to backup and protect all of the data that is on our websites every day. This little gem of a plugin has really grown and currently protects half a million websites!

BackupBuddy is a Solid WordPress Backup Strategy

Why BackupBuddy is a Solid WordPress Backup Solution

Your WordPress backup solution can only be successful if it includes four essential components. iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress backup plugin has all four backup elements covered.

  1. BackupBuddy backs up your whole entire website; the database and all of your WordPress website files.
  2. BackupBuddy provides automated scheduled backups. Your backup schedule runs on the dates and at the times that you set.
  3. BackupBuddy sends and stores your backup files off-site. You can choose more than one remote destination ensuring your backups will be available in any number of safe, secure locations.
  4. BackupBuddy restores your WordPress website. Your restoring process will be quick and easy using your backup.

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BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin Feature Highlights

Here are three BackupBuddy feature highlights illustrating some of the things we think you're going to love about this product.

  • Super-Charged Backup Profiles for Themes, Plugins & Media Files

With BackupBuddy's smart backup profiles, freelancers and website owners get specific control over the content of their WordPress backups. This means you will be able to create specific or unique profiles to segregate what you backup. If you only need to backup your themes, you can use themes backup profile to backup themes only. Perhaps you want to backup only plugins. Or maybe you just want to make sure your images and other media files remain accessible. With BackupBuddy profiles, you can do that. And BackupBuddy's powerful file exclusions allow you to customize your backups even more. To find and create your Smart Backup Profile navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > BackupBuddy > Backups page.

BackupBuddy Stash Live Features

  • Stash Live's Real-Time WordPress Backups

BackupBuddy's introduction to a real-time WordPress backup system is wildly popular. Real-time backups mean that any changes that are made to your website are backed up as the changes are made. Performance-boosting improvements are now allowing for larger sites to be added for the real-time backups. And even more impressive is that they are using fewer resources making it even faster. Stash Live continues to handle more and more so everyone can have real-time backups.

  • ImportBuddy Features

ImportBuddy is BackupBuddy's script tool for moving WordPress websites to a new host account or to a new domain. It makes WordPress website launches practically effortless. OK, maybe not completely effortless but it does at least remove a lot of a freelance web designer anxiety! Every added feature addresses or solves some user pain point or adds some new user interface (UI) improvement.

Get BackupBuddy Stash Now!

Without a backup, our WordPress website could be lost forever. We want to minimize our risk from any hacks, server crashes, malware attacks, user errors, deleted files, bad commands or any other unforeseen natural (or unnatural) disasters. And we certainly don't want our clients to experience that trauma! Any of these disasters could completely wipe out our WordPress site – BOOM! Gone forever. That's why having a current backup of our WordPress websites is critical. Implementing BackupBuddy into our freelance business system has helped us in a few ways. We no longer need to worry about our backups, catastrophe scenarios no longer pose a threat, and we are comfortable with the fact that we have BackupBuddy to the rescue when we need an emergency restoration.

When a tool becomes time-tested, tried and true, and continually performs, you tend to simply be happy! For us, BackupBuddy is our "go to" backup solution and it has been an integral part of our business since it was first released way back in 2010.

BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress installation, making sure you have a copy of all your WordPress website files whenever you need them. BackupBuddy restores your websites, ensuring worry-free recovery when catastrophe strikes. BackupBuddy moves your websites and their associated data, allowing for smooth hosting and domain change transitions. You need nothing more than BackupBuddy for your backup strategy! Why don't you give BackupBuddy a try?

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